A La Cart Sessions

Group Classes at Mountain View Health and Fitness AcademyLove the idea of classes, but struggling to find a class time that works for you? A La Cart Sessions are just what you need!

Try 5-30 minute sessions of your choice that you can schedule at a time that works best for you! Come alone or schedule with friends.

We have agility, boxing, cycling, gravity tower, kettlebell, lower body lifting, outside exercise, pool, cross fit, upper body lifting, and yoga! Mix and match five five you want to try.

Class Descriptions

Power Yoga

Clear your mind, improve flexibility, increase core strength, and reduce stress and strain. Yoga improves range of motion and increases those feel good neuro-transmitters. It won’t matter if you’re a yoga pro or always wanted to give it a try; this workout is for you. Careful, it is addicting.


Cross-Fit style training designed to give you greater power and maximum results. Each workout made to keep you moving and scorch calories. Squats, Dead Lift, Cleans, and Pull-ups will give you that edge you’ve been looking for and the challenge you’ve been craving. You can do it!

Killer Kickboxing

What an amazing workout! 30 minutes of basic kickboxing moves such as jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, knee strikes and kicks, along with bobbing, weaving and ducking. Learn the technique while also getting a “killer” cardiovascular workout in. Pace can be tailored to any fitness level! This is too good to pass up!

Look at Those Legs

Ever see someone with sculpted legs that are to die for? Want legs like that? Then come on in for this 30 minute session and feel the burn of glute pumping, hamstring curling, quad pushing, calf raising, thigh blasting fun!


Push your limits and your inner strength as well as physical strength in this session! Learn and experience how to gain strength using all types of lifting such as “Strong man lifting”, “Power lifting” and much more!

Action Packed Agility

Have you ever wanted to move more efficiently? Wish you could still do some of the things you used to when you were younger? Action packed agility will help you improve your balance, speed, strength and coordination using agility ladders, cone drills, obstacles and more! Come prepared to burn some calories and have a blast!

Water Works

Come be cool in the pool and experience how Water Works gives you a great workout. In 30 minutes time you will get your heart beatin’ and muscles movin’ as we do a variety of exercises, some adapted from land. Knowing how to swim is not a requirement to participate. Water paddles, kickboards, noodles, weights and much more will be used to facilitate the workouts. It’s a splash!

Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity allows you to do a variety of tradition exercises while manipulating the pull of gravity and your body weight. Every muscle group can be targeted in this session. Depending on number of people, a circuit will be used incorporating the Gravity Power Tower and other traditional equipment. Come experience the power of defying gravity along with the smoothness of the towers movement. This machine can only be used with supervision of a trainer and the Defying Gravity session in a perfect way to get to know this machine and get an awesome workout. It’s so much fun you might even burst out in song!

Outside Workout Adventures

This fun class will take place outdoors and incorporate the obstacles, fixtures, and changing of the seasons. They say a breath of fresh air does a body good and we plan on doing that with outdoor adventures. Participate in fun exercises and experience a workout that will keep things “fresh” and challenging. Classes can be done alone or in a group where you challenge each other. This is so fun you won’t even know you’ve had a workout!

Simply Spinning

A 30 minute cardio blast with calorie burning intervals. Whether you are trying to get those last pounds o or enhancing your ‘on the road’ training this season this class will challenge you. Small class size guarantees you will get the individual attention you need to see improvement fast both inside and outside the gym. Tank Top Arms This session is designed for sagging triceps. Tone and define your shoulders, back, and arms with focused exercises that will have you in a sleeveless shirt in no time. An education that will teach you which routines improve how your Biceps and Triceps look and feel through low or no weight high rep exercise. Everyone will want to know your secret.

Ring your bell

A high intensity kettle bell program focusing on core strength, improving explosive power, and create strength and tone in both your upper and lower body. A certified personal trainer will teach you correct form and supervise this session to ensure results and prevent injury, working that core like never before.

Call and speak with one of our staff members now for more information and pricing!