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Important Visitor Update


Phone: 208-523-3857 | Fax: 208-523-3876 | Address: 2141 Coronado Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Mountain View Hospital’s Center for Wellness and Recovery offers empirically supported assessment and treatment to adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families across a broad range of concerns. Our mission is getting you back to what you love through services that not only address the symptoms but the root cause of whatever your concerns may be. We are committed to partnering with you in your journey towards wellness and recovery by providing you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you to re-establish a life that is rewarding and full of purpose.

In addition to providing traditional services for those with primary psychological concerns, we provide specialized services to patients with chronic medical conditions that have led to diminished functioning beyond what can be addressed through medical intervention alone. We work closely with medical providers to offer these specialized services to meet the specific needs of their patient population.

Patient Testimonial

I can’t not say enough positive things about this office. Every part of the process was met with support, options and answers! Dr. Landers was phenomenal. He was not only incredibly knowledgeable, Dr. Landers showed such a deep desire to help us find answers. They got my son in right away, and I got results incredibly fast. If you are looking for testing and answers, don’t go anywhere else.



Dr. Landers

Dr. Landers has been practicing clinical psychology in Southeastern Idaho for over ten years, practicing in Washington and Oregon prior to returning to Idaho. He obtained his undergraduate training at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and his graduate training at Idaho State University. A culmination of his many years of experience in medical, psychiatric, forensic, university, national laboratory, inpatient, and outpatient settings and in partnership with Mountain View Hospital’s commitment to excellence, the Center for Wellness and Recovery is dedicated to bringing best practice empirically supported psychological services to our region. Dr. Landers continues to provide expert consultation locally, nationally, and internationally in regards to utilization of assessment and behavioral science and is an affiliate faculty member at Idaho State University. Additionally, he volunteers his time to several community organizations. The guiding philosophy of his professional practice is that individuals are best served when seeking for excellence in every moment. The process of becoming, rather than the end goal of accomplishment, is where happiness is found.

Nikki Berrett, LCSW

Nikki Berrett, LCSW is an accomplished therapist who continually seeks to advance the treatment offered to patients. She continues her education regularly through attending a variety of conferences and trainings so she can be prepared to assist any patient at any time. Her interest is particularly in learning what interventions have the most scientific evidence so she can offer these to her patients in individual, couples, family, and group formats. Nikki specializes in tailoring her treatment to each patient’s needs, rather than taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach. She has a decade of experience in a variety of settings, such as private outpatient clinics, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, correctional, and residential treatment centers and has worked successfully to help those suffering with a broad range of psychological concerns, including those experiencing the most profound and disabling forms of psychological symptoms. Nikki is trained and has extensive experience in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy models. She has been called upon to design treatment programs in the settings she has worked as a result of her expertise. Those who work with Nikki are served well through her confidence, skillfulness, energy, and enthusiasm. Her quick smile, positive attitude, and compassion for her patients magnifies her knowledge and expertise, making her an asset to those with whom she works.

Employment Opportunities

The Center for Wellness and Recovery is an organization with a dedication to meeting the needs of our community. As we grow, we are interested in bringing the very best mental health professionals to provide services to our patients. If you are a licensed provider with an interest in our center, please regularly check for open positions via this link. Additionally, we would be happy to receive your resume to keep on file. Finally, if you have further questions regarding employment at our center and would like to discuss, please contact us.


We specialize in offering comprehensive, empirically supported, best-practice, and innovative services for adults, adolescents, and children across the full spectrum of psychological concerns.

Psychological assessment is an empirically based statistical analysis of symptom patterns that can provide clear direction in establishing the causes of dysfunction and recommendations for recovery. This service can only be provided by a doctoral level psychologist and is part of any comprehensive approach to addressing psychological concerns. Psychological assessment is particularly useful when symptom presentation is complicated, if previous treatment has been unsuccessful, and/or if there are potential cognitive factors involved. Additionally, we provide specialized psychological assessments to patients in medical settings to assist in obtaining medically necessary interventions, establishing baseline functioning in cases where their condition may impact mental status, as well as to determine any psychological barriers to successful treatment.

Combining your input with the expertise of a medical provider, clinical psychologist, and trained psychotherapist, we create a customized wellness and recovery plan.

Science has clearly established the benefit of empirically supported psychotherapy for quickening recovery and maintaining wellness. All psychotherapy provided strictly complies with established best practices. Our providers are all graduate level, licensed psychotherapists with a demonstrated history of successful practice prior to joining the center. Psychotherapy is provided for individuals, couples, and families as indicated via initial assessment to support optimal recovery.

Research has consistently shown that many skills necessary for wellness and recovery are best taught in a group format where not only the facilitator, but also group members, can share their knowledge and experiences to assist one another. All psychoeducational groups follow empirically supported guidelines and are designed to enhance individual work being done in psychotherapy.

Symptom relief provided through psychotropic medications is helpful for many in regaining their baseline, as well as assisting them in fully benefiting from individual and group work. Our licensed and experienced medical providers work as a team with our psychologist and psychotherapists to provide evidence-based comprehensive treatment.


Phone: 208-523-3857
Fax: 208-523-3876
Hours: Mon-Thurs 7:00am - 5:30pm

Should you be experiencing a crisis outside of our normal operating hours, following are some guidelines for obtaining assistance:

  1. If you are currently enrolled in treatment, we encourage you to work through your crisis response plan, using the skills you have learned in treatment.
  2. If the plan is not able to resolve the crisis or you are not a current patient and do not have a crisis response plan, contact the following resources to assist further:
  3. If these resources are not able to resolve the crisis and you feel unsafe, then you should either contact local emergency responders via 911 or seek services at your local emergency department.


2141 Coronado St, Idaho Falls, ID 83404