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March 17th Update

We know many of you are feeling scared about the coronavirus – especially if you do not feel well. Remember, while the virus is spreading across the country, so are many cases of the common cold and flu. If you are sick right now, it does not necessarily mean you have the coronavirus.

We recognize some of you may want to be tested for COVID-19. However, tests are in short supply around the globe. If you are not showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, Idaho Falls Community Hospital will not test you for the virus. To responsibly care for our community, we must save tests for individuals who truly need them.

If you do not feel well, call your primary care provider. They can talk with you over the phone and determine the appropriate treatment options for your situation.

The CDC has great resources on staying safe amid the COVID-19 outbreak. We highly encourage community members to visit the CDC’s website for useful information on how to stay healthy, steps you can take to protect others and how to properly clean and disinfect surfaces.

Idaho has seen a slight uptick in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. As on 4 p.m. on March 17, eight Idahoans had tested positive for COVID-19. There are still no confirmed cases in Idaho Falls, however, today, one case has been confirmed in Madison County.