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Most babies are born without complications, but sometimes, an infant needs extra assistance after birth. Mountain View Hospital is proud to offer the special care these newborns and their families need in our Level III NICU.

Our team of highly trained neonatologists, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, lactation specialists, and social workers work closely with parents to provide the best outcomes for your baby. Our extensive training allows us to deliver the best care to our community's youngest and most vulnerable patients.

Care for You and Your Baby

Our NICU offers the most advanced technology in the region. We can help infants overcome a variety of challenges, including:

    • Infants born prematurely (as early as 22 weeks)
    • Twins, triplets and other multiples
    • Infants who are struggling with the transition to extrauterine life
    • Feeding difficulties
    • Blood sugar instability
    • Breathing problems
    • Temperature instability
    • Antibiotics
    • Jaundice

We intentionally designed our NICU to keep families and babies together. Babies who need to spend time in the NICU will have their own space, so that families can stay connected. Parents are encouraged to spend as much time with their little one as possible. Maintaining a family-centered model of care has been shown to reduce stress for babies and improve their short-term and long-term health outcomes. We want you to be the experts in taking care of your baby when they are ready to go home.

We know having a baby in the NICU can be a challenging experience. Our team is here to provide you comfort and support. While your baby's needs are your top priority, we've done our best to take your needs into account as well. Our NICU is set up with unique features to make your life a little easier:

  • 24/7 NICU access for parents
  • Meals for parents during their child’s entire NICU stay
  • Refrigerators for breast milk
  • Bedside milk warmers
  • Hospital grade breast pumps
  • Fully stocked snack area

No matter what happens during your delivery or pregnancy, the team at Mountain View Hospital is here for you.

Patient Testimonials

Been there twice with my wife for our second and third sons; the first was complication free and the nurses/doctors/staff were all amazing; second ended up with quite a scary emergency, but again - everyone handled it so well. The atmosphere is amazing, genuinely the only truly good experience I've had at a hospital and they duplicated it. Highly recommend the Birthing Center at Mountain View.


"I gave birth to my New baby girl here and I have to say thank you to all labor and Delivery Staff they are so caring and helpful, I was in the best hands , I could have not done it without the help of RN Tammie and Dr. Margaret Huggins they are Angels sent from Above đź’•"


"We had our daughter at Mountain View, and had the best experience. The nurses took care of us with such love and care, the lactation consultants were so patient and kind, and the facility served us so well. I highly recommend delivering your baby here!"


"I've never had a better experience than at Mountain View, I've had two babies here as well as multiple surgeries. The staff is very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend coming here if you need to go to a hospital in the area."


"My husband and I were treated so well when we had our baby girl at Mountain View! The nurses were so eager to help us and had wonderful bedside manners. My husband was well taken care of with 3 meals everyday and fresh sheets for his bed."


"I recommend Mountain View NICU to anyone. The head doctor of the NICU was so well educated and made sure I understood what was going on. The Nurses and CNAs were also very well educated and provided the BEST possible care for my baby. I spent most of my time at the NICU with my baby and got to know some of the staff. They are so kindhearted and caring not only towards the babies but the parents as well. I’m so grateful for the NICU and for all they did to help my baby heal."


Latest Technology

Mountain View Hospital's NICU was built using the latest technology available. The equipment, created by Dräger, takes babies’ every need into account. Machines are designed to regulate temperature for optimal health, provide the perfect lighting to avoid overstimulation and reduce noise to protect the baby's highly sensitive ears. We have carefully considered every detail to make sure babies get the best start possible.

Take A Tour

Visitor Information

We have special visiting requirements to make sure our youngest patients stay healthy and safe. A banded parent must accompany all NICU visitors. An additional four people can be added to a NICU baby’s support circle, at the parent’s discretion, to visit and participate in the child’s care without parents being present. Guests are encouraged to come between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

During flu and cold season, we need to take extra care to keep our NICU babies healthy. All visitors will be required to go through a brief health screening before they are welcomed into the NICU. We also require visitors to be at least 18 years old. Outside of cold and flu season, sibling accommodations can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.