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Mountain View Hospital Expands NICU to Care for Community’s Most Vulnerable Babies

Natalie Podgorski

IDAHO FALLS, ID – Mountain View Hospital is proud to care for babies born as young as 28  weeks in its new, expanded neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The hospital opened its NICU  in October, after more than a year of construction. Mountain View Hospital’s NICU offers  babies access to the most advanced technology and treatment in the region.  

“We have always said all babies are welcome at Mountain View Hospital. Unfortunately, in the  past, there were times when babies needed more advanced care than we could provide. Not  anymore. With the opening of our expanded NICU, we have the team and treatment  capabilities to allow us to live out our vision and make it possible to care for our community’s  most vulnerable infants, as young as 28 weeks” said Treana Jones, Mountain View Hospital’s  Labor and Delivery Manager. 

Previously, the hospital was able to care for infants 35 weeks and older. Mountain View’s NICU  will be able to care for up to 14 babies at a time.  

“We know having a child in the NICU can be a stressful experience for families,” said Regan  Fregoso, Mountain View Hospital’s NICU manager. “Our team is here to help take some of that  stress away. We believe one of the very best ways we can do that is by keeping parents closely  involved in their child’s care. Not only does this help parent’s peace of mind but it has been  shown to reduce stress for babies and improve their short- and long-term health outcomes.”  

The NICU was intentionally designed to keep families together. Babies who need to spend  time in the NICU will have their own dedicated space, for more privacy. Each area was  designed to make sure families have what they need, including breast pumps, milk warmers  and comfortable spaces to relax, and features a nature scene from the local area to ease stress.  

Mountain View Hospital built its NICU using the latest technology available. The isolettes, warmers, monitors and ventilators created by Dräger, takes baby’s every need into account.  The equipment is designed to regulate temperature for optimal health, provide the perfect  amount of lighting to avoid overstimulation and reduce noise to protect baby’s highly sensitive  ears. Every detail has been carefully considered to make sure babies get the best start  possible.  

“We have loved our experience in Mountain View’s NICU,” said Katie Davis, whose daughter  was one of the first patients in the new NICU. “All the nurses have provided us with the very  best care. It is such a comfort being able to go and know that Ive is safe and being cared for  by great nurses.”  

Mountain View Hospital is here to support expecting moms, no matter what happens during  pregnancy or delivery. The hospital offers tours for expecting moms, free prenatal classes and educational resources.