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Mountain View Hospital has been proactive in the fight against breast cancer here in Eastern Idaho since our inception. We believe that education, awareness, and generosity to women and men of this area about breast cancer greatly increase survival and odds of beating breast cancer. Through the years we have passed out thousands of mammogram coupons.

Download/print your own Breast Cancer Coupon 2022.

1. A physician’s order must be present at the time of service.

2. Should you choose to use this coupon instead of billing your insurance. We will charge an upfront $45 fee for the digital mammogram screening or $65 for the digital mammogram screening with implants. If you decide to file the claim with your insurance, Mountain View Hospital will provide you with the
necessary paperwork.

3. You will receive a separate bill from Medical Imaging Associates for the interpretation of your mammogram. If you have questions regarding the professional fees, please contact Medical Imaging Associates directly.

For more information, click the following link to download the PDF version of the coupon, instructions, and calendar of sponsored events.

Downloadable Coupon