Message from the CEO

In December 2002 when we opened Mountain View Hospital, we had some very simple goals: provide better care to our patients, become active in our community, and grow a company that would bring more opportunity for our team members and others.

In the last ten years, I feel like we have stayed true to our original intentions, and we have done so much more.  Our focus on quality care has improved each year we have been in business, and in my opinion, has caused other providers to increase their quality through friendly competition. Secondly, we have become the driving force behind many of Idaho’s great charitable causes.  Our team members’ time and financial support have fostered the growth of many charities, but our biggest focus has been on the youth.  I have been so proud of our summer concerts to benefit the Idaho Meth Project. In part because of our efforts, Meth use in our state has decreased dramatically over the past five years. In addition, our fundraising for the Governor’s Cup has helped numerous kids receive college scholarships. These charitable projects and many others we participate in reflect our original intentions.  This year, we will start our own foundation and believe we will make a larger impact in the future.

The success of the company has taken us from around 100 employees in 2002 to more than 600 people in 2012.  We have done this in partnership with many other businesses in town.  The medical community has grown with us, and so have many other companies.

I would like to thank the people of Southeastern Idaho for helping guide us through these past ten years.  We have truly appreciated your support. I sincerely believe the next ten years will be even better.


James Adamson, CEO