Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to complete your daily activities due to difficulty breathing? Has your shortness of breath affected your quality of life or participating in hobbies that you love? Breathing issues can be frightening, and cause a decrease in confidence while exerting yourself. Pulmonary Rehab is a program designed to help you regain strength and stamina with monitored assistance.

As described from the COPD foundation* once enrolled in pulmonary rehabilitation, you will also learn about: breathing techniques, medications, nutrition, relaxation, oxygen, travel, how to do everyday tasks with less shortness of breath, and how to stay healthy and avoid COPD exacerbations. You’ll also learn how to cope with the changes that often come with chronic diseases - depression, panic, anxiety, and others. A bonus is that you’ll also meet people who have many of the same experiences, questions and feelings that you do.