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The Beat July

Highlights: Riverfest, Blood Shortage, Employee Spotlight, C2E, Relay for Life, Nicu Babies, and more!

The Beat June

Highlights: Nicu prep, Relay for Life, Message from IT/Security, Lagoon Tickets

The Beat May

Highlights: Lagoon Tickets for Sale, HealthStream Courses, Employee Spotlights, Cell Phone Cleanliness Study, Employee Discounts, and more!

The Beat Week 14

Highlights: Lagoon Tickets for Sale, Commitment to Excellence Nominations, Employee Spotlight, Employee Discounts, Nutritional Services Job Openings

The Beat Week 13

Highlights: Employee Discounts, Intranet Tips, Nutritional Services Job Openings

The Beat Week 12

Highlights: Employee Discounts, Appreciation from District 93, Message from IT Security, Intranet Tips

The Beat Week 11

Highlights: Commitment to Excellence, New Employee, Message from IT Security

The Beat Week 10

Highlights: New Babies, Cornerstone Cafe Needs Cooks, National Nutrition Month, Blood Drive

The Beat Week 9

Highlights: 4th Quarter Anniversaries, Random Acts of Kindness Week, PALS Shoutout, Admissions Team, National Nutrition Month, Blood Drive, Volunteer Spotlight

The Beat Week 5

Highlights: Thank you Nurses, L&D Shoutout

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