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The Beat - Week 33

Quote of the Day

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

Fun Facts

In 1930, the Galvin Corporation introduced one of the first commercial car radios, the Motorola model 5T71, which sold for between $110 and $130 (2009: $1,700) and could be installed in most popular automobiles.

Word of The Day

Photo/Video of The Week


Mountain View Hospital team takes 2nd place out of 35 teams at this year's "Great Race for Education" fundraiser for College of Eastern Idaho.   
Submitted by Marketing Team

Zoey Poulsen (13 years old) made and donated this large basket of adorable blankets to the NICU.
Submitted by Jen Smith

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Patient Feedback

Eastern Idaho Neurology - Idaho Falls
(Have a patient letter you would like to share? Please send to

Dessert Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners!

1st Place – Leah Schneider $150

2nd Place – Merelou Bludworth $100

3rd Place – James Terry $50

Hey Everybody! Our Community Care Clinics are working on boosting their numbers on Facebook and we could use everyone’s help. This week please take a small amount of time to like or follow our Idaho Community Care Page. Once you’ve liked or followed the page, send an email to Kyle at and he will put your name in a raffle to win some Chukar tickets! We’re giving out 10 tickets for the employees who like or follow the page, so please do so and good luck!

Upcoming Events

News From Administration

News From HR

Contact: Sandy Neiwirth @ the Apple Athletic Club for further details. 

Don’t forget to mention that you’re an employee of MVH.

The month of May: NO enrollment fees & No card fees  for MVH employees

Contact: Sandy Neiwirth @ the Apple Athletic Club for further details. 

Don’t forget to mention that you’re an employee of MVH.

The month of May: NO enrollment fees & No card fees  for MVH employees

News From POC

The Synapse Training Center wants to remind all employees who have been assigned a Learning Journey to finish up your Stage 1 and Stage 2 training, as Stage 3 will open August 18th. Stage 3 consists of Web-based scenarios to help start getting you familiar with the particular parts of Synapse you will be working with. All 3 stages will need to be completed before you will be able to attend classroom training, which will begin September 23rd for Super Users, and the following week for all End Users. We will be working with your managers over the next two weeks to get you enrolled in the classroom training that is appropriate for your role within Mountain View’s network of facilities.

We are also working to add new employees into the Synapse Learning Journey that is appropriate for them, as well as updating and re-assigning some existing Learning Journeys to better match an employee’s role. We are working to complete these changes as quickly as we can, and will notify you when that is completed.

Please remember that if you have questions/concerns to reach out to The Synapse Training Center, either by email ( or phone (208-542-7082). We would love to help you make this process as smooth as possible!

Education Updates

Preceptor, mentor, or both?

Do you know the difference between being a preceptor and being a mentor? According to, "The main difference is that preceptors are teachers or tutors while a mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. Although a mentor can be almost anyone on the unit, usually they are the experienced and a well-seasoned [employee]. The mentor may or may not be your preceptor; it may be another really great experienced [employee]." In other words, a preceptor shows you how to do your job, but a mentor helps you grow in your career. Which are you, a preceptor or a mentor? Are you both? Consider growing in your own career by becoming a preceptor or mentor, if you aren't already! Education will be offering classes on preceptorship and mentorship soon. Stay tuned, and check HealthStream frequently for updates!

HealthStream Updates

Thank you to those of you who completed your HealthStream scavenger hunt on time, and congratulations again to the winners of the movie tickets and candy bars! If you have not yet completed the course "HealthStream for New Users" in HealthStream, please do so as soon as possible. We will be utilizing this system for all our online learning, including computer-based and live training, so getting to know the system now will benefit you immensely!

What Mountain View users are saying about HealthStream:

· "Will take some getting used to"
· "Seems easy to navigate"
· "Better than Bridge"
· "I've used it before and I'm happy to be using it again"
· "Need to play around with it some more"
· "Very user friendly"
· "A little confusing"
· "Glad I can keep lots of records in one place"
· "Interactive"
· "So glad that we switched"
· "Love the reminders"

We are pleased to see that the overall response to the switch has been overwhelmingly positive! If your experience so far has been less than amazing, please reach out to Education so we can work together to make it amazing!
If you need access to run reports or perform other administrative tasks in HealthStream, please contact Education and we can ensure you have the access you need.
If you are a manager or supervisor and you do not yet see your entire team on your dashboard when you log in, please don't panic, as we are currently working on mapping each employee to their manager or supervisor.

Training Center Updates

Our classes have moved! Reminder emails including the class location are sent prior to American Heart Association classes. Please make sure you check your email before to coming to class, as rooms are subject to change. When in doubt, give Education a call at 208-542-7311 and we can help!

We are continually adjusting the American Heart Association class schedule in an effort to meet our students' needs. Please remember to log in to HealthStream to see updated class availability—there are now even some Saturday classes!

Did you know you must have a current provider card for BLS, ACLS, and PALS in order to register for a renewal class? For this reason, you must contact Education directly in order to register for a renewal class. You will not be able to self-register for renewal classes in HealthStream. We are happy to help, so don't hesitate to give us a call or email us at: with any questions, or for assistance in registering for renewal classes.

News From Payroll

All employees should check their paystub to ensure all of their benefits that they have signed up for are being deducted accordingly.

Employees, if you miss a punch DO NOT clock in and out (double punch) at the end of your shift, please leave the missed punch as a missed punch.
• Use the Add Punch Change Request from your timecard
• Enter the correct date, Punch Details – In Day, Out Lunch, etc., Add the time, and reason.
• Click Add Request

Worked hours and On Call hours cannot be greater than 24 hours. On call hours would need to be adjusted for a total to equal 24 hours.

Timecard approval and requests can be done from any device that is supports the internet.

Managers, please DO NOT Mass Approve timecards - missed punches, double punches, and worked / on-call hours more than 24 hours for a day need to be addressed. The only exception to more than 24 hours a day would be Cash Outs for PTO.

News From IT

News About PolicyStat

The Mountain View Hospital Policy Manual is available electronically through the intranet home page. Each policy has been developed to ensure that MVH performs to the highest standards of service and healthcare, therefore it is essential that these guidelines are communicated throughout the organization. MVH employees will be assigned policies through the PolicyStat program where they will be required to read and acknowledge understanding of each allocated policy and its progressive updates.

To locate what policies are assigned to you:
1. Log into the "PolicyStat (Policy & Procedures Manual)" on the MVH intranet home page.
(An email notification will be sent from the program once the assignment has been made, you can follow that link.)

2. Refer to the "Home" tab and scroll down to the "Policies Awaiting Acknowledgment" section.

3. Click on the header to access your assigned policy documents.  Open each policy*, read through it and click the blue button on the bottom  I have read and understood this policy.

*If there are questions regarding information contained in any policy, please direct them first to your manager, then to the policy’s owner.