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The Beat - Week 15


The Beat Redesign is Coming soon...

Exciting news!!!! We are in the process of upgrading the beat, during this process we would like to welcome your feedback. Please tell us your input, what would you and your department like to see included in future editions! Have a fun story? Great patient feedback? Funny work picture? Please share them with us! 

Please contact Brian Ziel in the marketing department.

Call/Text: 208-521-5004


St. Plaids Day

We keep the humor alive in our department. Troy Walker, the department manager, always wears his plaid to work. One day he wasn't wearing plaid and we joked with him we don't recognize him if he isn't wearing his plaid, when he wore plaid again, we told him we were so happy to see he returned to work after not seeing him for so many days. During the weekly Friday meeting he decided he wanted to make his own joke from the situation, so he told everyone that we should wear plaid and that's how St. Plaids day was born.

On Wednesday 4/1/20, everyone in the department wore a plaid shirt, we had a happy St. Plaid Day cake, and a luncheon. Troy is pretty hardcore when it comes to plaids. Wound Care and Hyperbaric takes plaid and fun seriously! We are a department that works hard on short notice, and in the middle of this Covid-19 situation, it was a great opportunity to keep the smiles alive for our patients. #SocialDistancing #HappyStPlaidsDay #CoronaCrew

Nona Madrona



Recent Moves

Mountain View Hospital Center for Wellness

Located at: 2141 Coronado Street (RediCare Basement)

Energy Plaza Administrative Building

Located at: 380 Energy Way, Idaho Falls 

  • Physician Management Services
  • Occupational Health
  • Population Health
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Physician Relations
  • Administration (Various Directors) 
  • MVH Payroll – Tammy Weber - in room 237.
  • IFCH Payroll – Natalie Hulse - in room 235.


News From HR

Members will be receiving two letters from Blue Cross of Idaho – the first one set to arrive this week.  This letter will explain the change and giving members a heads up on the new card.   The second letter, along with the new card, will arrive the week of April 13th.   Please double check your address in Paycom to ensure you receive your new ID card.


News From QA

News From The Volunteers

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