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The Beat - Week 16


The Beat Redesign is Coming soon...

Exciting news!!!! We are in the process of upgrading the beat, during this process we would like to welcome your feedback. Please tell us your input, what would you and your department like to see included in future editions! Have a fun story? Great patient feedback? Funny work picture? Please share them with us! 

Please contact Brian Ziel in the marketing department.

Call/Text: 208-521-5004


From Admin

Teton Cancer Institute

Donated by one of the patients at Teton Cancer Institute.

Community shows up to show support

Population Health Newsletter April

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Shout out to Carrie Walker

Carrie Walker has been making homemade masks and selling them donating the funds to St. Lukes. She has also donating masks to patients, staff members, St Lukes, and facilities in Oregon.

Urgent Care/Family Practice Appreciation Video

In a time of hardship, we felt it was important to recognize our Urgent Cares/Family Practice. Please take a minute to enjoy this video! Thank you to everyone for your selfless service. You are appreciated!

Patient Portal Job Aid

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Rexburg Community Care - Positive Review

I HAVE to write a positive review after my experience today. I'm staying with family (I live out of state) and my two year was having some health issues. We took him in and the nurses and physical assistant were amazing, way better than our family doctor at home. The PA gave medical advise that was so spot on that it will probably change our sons life forever. The PA was willing to be patient and talk about everything I had observed as the mother and he was in no rush! Usually our pediatrician wouldn't look up from the screen and try to be done in 5 minutes but it was so different here!! I can't express my gratitude enough for willing to take the time to care and really get the bottom of a diagnosis! Rexburg people, do not under appreciate this place and the staff!

— Kelsey L.

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