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Welcome to The Beat 

In this newsletter, we'll share company-wide news, including upcoming events, birthdays, spotlights, department news, and more. This newsletter is designed to be informative and collaborative. If you have a fun story, positive patient feedback, or a funny work picture? Use the form on this page to submit!

Updated Look

If you haven't seen the new website yet, go check it out!

Over the next few months, our website will continue to evolve as we work with each department to customize their pages and update their website content. Check back often to see our progress.

We are excited to share the new Mountain View Hospital website with you. Please feel free to reach out to Brian Ziel if you have any questions or feedback.

Check it out here!


Quote of the Day

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Henry Ford

Business Office...News?

No, it's not quite Halloween, but we had a fun little scare in the business office!

I would like to give a special shout out to Doug Christensen and Robyn Lutes in the business office. We had a BAT..a BAT!! In our office!! They were able to safely catch the bat in some kitchen Tupperware and release it outside and save all of our lives from certain death!

-SunDee Baguley, Business Office Manager

News from Labor & Delivery

We had an amazing month of deliveries in July. We delivered 10 babies one day. That is an incredible amount for one day!

From the community

Idaho Falls Relay For Life

With COVID-19 many events have been cancelled this year, but the Idaho Falls Relay For Life is going virtual! Please join us for our Virtual Relay for Life Week August 29 - September 3. 

Check Out the Events

Saturday, August 29

  • 12-4pm: Hot dogs and luminarias for sale at Sam's Club
  • 6-10 pm: Night of fun at New Sweden Farms

Sunday, August 30

  • 7pm: Join us on Facebook Live to for an overview of the events and to preview quilts that will be on auction

Survivor Drive Through

On August 31, we plan to have a Survivor Drive Through from 12-1pm at Pick Me Up in Idaho Falls. Cancer survivors will receive a T-shirt and a Texas Roadhouse free meal ticket as well as a free drink and cookie from Pick Me Up for you and a caregiver. 

For more updates on Relay For Life,

Outer Pharmacy Door Now Open

The outer pharmacy door at IFCH is now open to employees. It’s setup similar to MVH. The outer door opens into an inner vestibule with a window. The outer door has been locked to employees while a window was being installed at the inner door. All employees at IFCH and MVH should now have authorized access to use this door. 

Please reach out to our Facility Coordinator, Carol Livermont, if you have any questions about this. (208) 557-2842

COVID Precautions at the Hospital Main Entrance

Printable Screening Questionnaire

What brings you in today?

  • 1 family member (MVH and IFCH) is authorized to assist inpatients or outpatients or
    surgical patients at discharge only.
    • Screen the family member using the questions below and give the family
      member a wrist band.
    • Inpatient family members will be directed to the appropriate inpatient floor.
    • Surgical patient family members will be directed to the volunteer surgery desk.
    • Outpatient family members will be directed to the appropriate department.
    • Any issues, call admin on call
      • MVH: 208-206-0894
      • IFCH: 208-716-9392
    • Surgery/Procedure: Continue with the following questions below.

Pediatric patients can only have 1 visitor

  • Call admin on call
    • MVH: 208-206-0894
    • IFCH: 208-716-9392

Are you over 18?

  • We are not currently allowing anyone under 18 in the facility.

Check the temperature

  • <100°F →Give sticker and mask, if needed
  • >100°F → Call admin on call
    • MVH: 208-206-0894
    • IFCH: 208-716-9392

Do you currently have COVID-19 or have you had any flu like symptoms (cough, fever) in the last 2 weeks?

  • No →Give sticker and mask, if needed
  • Yes → Call admin on call
    • MVH: 208-206-0894
    • IFCH: 208-716-9392

Are you experiencing any abdominal symptoms, sore throat or loss of taste/smell?

  • No →Give sticker and mask, if needed
  • Yes → Call admin on call
    • MVH: 208-206-0894
    • IFCH: 208-716-9392

Have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks?

  • No →Give sticker and mask, if needed
  • Yes → Call admin on call
    • MVH: 208-206-0894
    • IFCH: 208-716-9392

*At the end of the day, please remove the tape from the sensor or the door will not lock when closed!

08/01 BRITNIE ANDERSON Physician Management Services
08/01 MELISSA VASQUEZ Teton Cancer Institute
08/01 HANNAH WOOD Peri-Op
08/02 DANA BELL Pain Specialists of ID
08/02 PHILIP HESSE Wound Care
08/02 EMILY SMITH Parkway ASC
08/02 KRISTINE TREJO Blackfoot Pain Clinic
08/03 AMANDA BARTLETT Quality Resources
08/03 AIMEE BELNAP Teton Cancer Institute
08/03 LACI JACOBSON Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
08/03 ANDREA LEAVITT Teton Cancer Institute
08/03 LOIS LENZ Pain Specialists of ID
08/03 NISSA NEFF BMC Admin
08/03 JOHN PATTESON Respiratory Therapy
08/03 PATRISHA RENCHER Physician Management Services
08/03 KENIA RODRIGUEZ Business Office
08/03 DEBRA STEFFLER Creekside Surgery Center
08/03 JACQUELINE TREJO Teton Cancer Institute
08/04 ASHLEY GIBB Business Office
08/04 ROZLYN ROMRIELL Point of Care
08/04 CHERILYN WOOLF Channing Redicare Clinic
08/05 DEVIN HATCH MedSurg
08/05 JENNIFER HENDERSON Business Office
08/05 RAIMEE HOBLEY Housekeeping
08/05 JILL MESERVY Labor & Delivery
08/05 MELISSA WADSWORTH Prescription Center Infusions
08/06 THOMAS FLAMM Community Care-Rexburg
08/06 AZUCENA HUNSAKER Labor & Delivery
08/06 TAYLOR POWELL Primary Care Specialists
08/06 AMANDA SKINNER Physical Therapy
08/06 JAMES SOUTHWICK Pharmacy
08/06 TRECIA TROST Prescription Center Infusions
08/06 DANAE WALKER Teton Cancer Institute
08/07 BRIAN BYRD Pharmacy
08/07 GUADALUPE LANDEROS Housekeeping
08/07 CHERYL LEONARD Sleep Specialists
08/07 ANTONITA MALDONADO Primary Care Specialists
08/07 MIKELLE MIERA Primary Care Specialists
08/07 TINA SCOGGINS Community Care-Channing
08/07 AUDREY SMITH Business Office
08/08 CHRIS CAHOON Information Systems
08/08 CALE HONE Pharmacy
08/08 HAYLEY REID Pulmonary Services
08/08 MARIA ROSALES Labor & Delivery
08/08 KAYLEEN SKINNER Quality Resources
08/10 KELSIE BARROW Business Office
08/10 STEPHANIE FISHER Teton Cancer Institute
08/11 LINDA CHAPPLE Prescription Center Infusions
08/11 CALLISTA JENKINS Labor & Delivery
08/11 KARA MCAFFEE Quality Resources
08/11 EMMA REINHART Labor & Delivery
08/11 ANNETTE TUFT Peri-Op
08/12 CHANELLE FALKINGHAM Physician Management Services
08/12 PAULA LARSEN Teton Cancer Institute
08/12 ALEX ORTON Lab
08/12 NATHAN RAYMOND Information Systems
08/12 JULIE THIEME Teton Cancer Institute
08/13 QUADEN BOND Business Office
08/13 HAILEY BULLARD Radiology
08/13 CANDICE KNACKERT Housekeeping
08/13 AARON LOWRY Physical Therapy
08/13 EVA PETERSON Peri-Op
08/13 KARI VOGEL Cardio Pulmonary Rehab
08/14 MINDY BRAMWELL Labor & Delivery
08/14 MARIANITA BROWN Teton Cancer Institute
08/14 REBECCA CHRISTENSEN Blackfoot Medical Imaging
08/14 MARGARITA TENIENTE Housekeeping
08/14 JENNIFER WILSON Health Information Management
08/16 ELIZANGELA ARMITAGE Preventative Services
08/16 DEBORAH MARLER Surgery
08/16 EVAN MELAHN Teton Cancer Institute
08/16 ERIN STATEN Creekside Surgery Center
08/17 KIMBERLEE MARTINEZ Sleep Specialists
08/17 KYELI OSTLER Community Care-Rexburg
08/17 STACEY POCOCK Creekside Surgery Center
08/17 CHRISTIE QUIRL PIC Pocatello
08/17 JANAE WEAVER Business Office
08/19 B. MICKELSEN Business Office
08/19 HILARY STALEY Community Care-Rigby
08/19 ASHLEY SUTTON Administration
08/20 STEVEN LEWIS BMC/Johanson Surgery
08/20 ROSEMARY MAILE Pain Specialists of ID
08/20 DARBI ROBERTS Premier Speech Therapy
08/20 LYNN WARNER Business Office
08/21 ALLISON PARKES Labor & Delivery
08/22 PEGGY ASHBOCKER Teton Cancer Institute
08/22 TIFFANY CARLSON Population Health
08/22 NICHOLE HANSEN Administration
08/22 HEATHER HAY Pharmacy
08/22 TAYLOR MOTES Labor & Delivery
08/22 ASHLEY WELLINGTON Blackfoot Medical Laboratory
08/23 DAPHNE CLOUTIER Community Care-Channing
08/23 BRIANA FULLMER Housekeeping
08/23 KIMBERLY POOLE Prescription Center Retail
08/23 RYAN WATSON Prescription Center Infusions
08/24 WENDY COX Peri-Op
08/25 EUGENE GILBERT Teton Cancer Institute
08/25 ISABEL HOPKINS Blackfoot Medical Imaging
08/25 ALAINA LLOYD Community Care-Rigby
08/25 GINA ROWE Business Office
08/25 ELIYAH SMITH Housekeeping
08/25 JACINDA WARD Surgery
08/26 BONNIE BROWN Surgery
08/26 NOELLE BURNETT Wound Care
08/26 KADEN SCHMITT Quality Resources
08/27 RITA BURKE Peri-Op
08/27 MATT HANSEN Radiology
08/27 ARLENE HUBBARD Altenburg Joint Replacement Po
08/27 ACACIA MCMURTREY Sleep Specialists
08/28 MARY COBOS Quality Resources
08/28 SHYLA GRAHAM Housekeeping
08/28 KELLI HOPKINS Quality Resources
08/28 LYNN KING Primary Care Specialists
08/28 KELLY WEISERT Business Office
08/28 JONATHAN ZWYGART Information Systems
08/29 KAILYN ALLMON Community Care-Pocatello
08/29 AMBER BLACKER Business Office
08/29 MCKOTY JARVIS Administration
08/29 SARAH TAYLOR Quality Resources
08/29 KELLIE WILDE Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
08/29 KERIE WORTLEY Primary Care Specialists
08/30 SUNDEE BAGULEY Business Office
08/30 ASHLEY PEREZ Quality Resources
08/31 ZACH PUGMIRE Physical Therapy
08/31 JESSALYNN RAMOS Business Office

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