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In this newsletter, we'll share company-wide news, including upcoming events, birthdays, spotlights, department news, and more. This newsletter is designed to be informative and collaborative. If you have a fun story, positive patient feedback, or a funny work picture? Use the form on this page to submit!

Quote of the Day

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.

Elbert Hubbard

Please Welcome Our Newest Team Members

Velisha Howard

Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Velisha Howard. I am a proud mom of three and wife of an amazingly hard working husband. We moved to Idaho Falls Aug of 2019 for a different speed in life, a change. I am so excited to have a chance to meet new friends and learn new arts and culture here in Bonneville County. We decided to move here so we could be far enough out of Bozeman Montana to feel a difference yet close enough to our family and friends. It was not easy to leave friends and family, but I am so thankful and happy we made the move. My family loved Bozeman. The mountains and wilderness are fantastic, and the town so enriched with culture, life and art. However, we were ready for the change. Now we are well on our way to embracing our move! 

I received my Associates Degree in Business Communications in 2012. In 2014 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a minor in Accounting. In the past I have had various fun volunteering positions and coordinating positions which is what lead me to interest in this position here at Mountain View and IFCH. I proudly worked for the Bozeman Symphony as their community engagement manager, their event coordinator and their volunteer coordinator prior to our move, and loved every moment of it. Jobs like that teach people that everyone in the world can come together for something wonderful, such as culture. 

My philosophy is strong. I believe that in life, work and relationships, you must strive for what you want to be successful in.​ You must believe in what your goals are and have passion about them. You have to want to succeed. You must have a positive attitude in the things you do and the presence you hold. Your will and desire have to be strong. As with anything, it is vital and important that a person has a strong work ethic. Lastly, you must know and believe that anything can be achieved once you put your mind to it. Outside of work, I love my family, friends, nature, animals and so much more. Currently I am excited to have been given this opportunity to start contributing to the Mountain View Hospital and IFCH as the as their volunteer coordinator. I will be dedicated and loyal to this position and I plan to bring some excellent new ideas and was to celebrate our volunteers and utilize them in many great ways in the hospitals.

Parking Announcement

Effective immediately employees are allowed to park on the top level/uncovered area of our parking garage. Please park from the top down and do not park beyond the uncovered area.

Should you arrive at the top level and there are no more available parking spots, you are required to park in the employee parking lot on Valencia Drive.

Employees are not allowed to park in any covered bays.

As our patient/visitor volume increase, especially during the 4th quarter, this parking arrangement might change. Please be mindful as you use this parking area.

September is Pain Awareness Month

September is Pain Awareness Month! We want to highlight Pain & Spine Specialists as we start out the month.

As we move into Pain Awareness Month, Pain & Spine Specialists wants to help spread awareness that chronic pain can be treatable. Over 50 million Americans live with chronic pain, and there is likely someone you know (or even you) who is living with pain every day. The providers at Pain & Spine Specialists understand pain and how each person experiences pain in a different way. Because of this, they create individualized treatment plans to help get their patients back to doing what they love.

Pain & Spine Specialists takes an interventional approach with each patient that comes through their doors. They are focused on treating all types of pain and want to help individuals find a better quality of life with the right treatment plan. Some of the treatment options Pain & Spine Specialists offers includes spine and joint injections, nerve ablations, Botox for migraines, regenerative medicine, ketamine infusions for depression and pain, intrathecal pain pumps, spinal cord stimulators and other interventional procedures.

Pain & Spine Specialists has four locations in Southeast Idaho to better serve the community, with procedure centers at their Idaho Falls and Pocatello locations. All five of their doctors are double-board certified in anesthesia and pain medicine, and they have seven mid-level providers that are also specialized in pain care.

To learn more about Pain Awareness Month and get a sneak peek of the U.S. Pain Foundation's Pain Awareness Campaign, visit

Fill the Digital Boot

I’m sure you’ve all seen our local IFFD firemen out on the street corners with their boots raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. This usually happens in the spring but COVID postponed that effort. They are moving forward with it now and it looks a little different this year. They are filling the boot digitally this year. Please see the attached flyer. You simply use your phone, scan the QR code and donate. PLEASE make sure that you fill in that you are donating for your company and fill in MOUNTAIN VIEW HOSPITAL. We have been challenged by Idaho Falls Community Hospital to a little fund raising competition. The good thing here is that the winner is the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

The money raised is used locally to help support patients and their families. This is a very debilitating disease that affects families as it is genetic. The money is used to purchase things like wheelchairs, walkers, etc. It is also used to help the families of patients to modify homes, provide transportation and other very valuable donations.

There is an actual boot that the managers will be passing around. This boot is just a reminder to donate digitally. Please do not put actual money in the boot. The fund raiser will go until next Friday.

Thank you in advance for giving!

From the community

Idaho Falls Relay For Life

Idaho Falls' Virtual Relay For Life Event starts Saturday! It will run through next Thursday, September 3, with new events each day. Tune into the events and be sure to check out the closing ceremonies on September 3 to hear from some of our very own nurses!

Check Out the Events

Saturday, August 29

  • 6-10 pm: Night of fun at New Sweden Farms

Sunday, August 30

  • 7pm: Join us on Facebook Live to for an overview of the events and to preview quilts that will be on auction

Survivor Drive Through

On August 31, we plan to have a Survivor Drive Through from 12-1pm at West Side Pick Me Up. Cancer survivors will receive a T-shirt and a Texas Roadhouse free meal ticket as well as a free drink and cookie from Pick Me Up for you and a caregiver. 

For more updates on Relay For Life,

09/01 KIM EDELMAYER Quality Resources
09/01 COURTNEY HOFHINE Business Office
09/01 TRISTAN LARSEN Preventative Services
09/01 GRACE RUSSELL Surgery
09/02 TRISTA CAHOON Business Office
09/02 AMBER HILL Pain Specialists of ID
09/03 CARLY BYRD Labor & Delivery
09/03 AMANDA GILLISH BMC/Johanson Surgery
09/04 DAVID BAUMGARTEN Pain Specialists of ID
09/04 NICOLE BURBANK Labor & Delivery
09/04 JENNIFER PUGMIRE Prescription Center Infusions
09/05 KAITLYN COLLET Radiology
09/05 NICOLE FLORA MedSurg
09/05 ZIPPORAH GHOLSON Population Health
09/05 KERA OTTLEY Labor & Delivery
09/05 EUNICE RAMIREZ Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
09/05 CRYSTAL SUMMERS Community Care-Rigby
09/05 ROSABEL TREJO BMC/Johanson Surgery
09/05 ANA TYLER Preventative Services
09/07 LISA BARKOW Human Resources
09/07 ELIZABETH MINER Wellness and Recovery
09/07 KRISTA ROBINSON Sand Creek Echo
09/07 JAMES TERRY Hyperbarics
09/08 VIRGINIA DELORA Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
09/08 AMY KLINGLER Surgery
09/08 KRISTA MOREAU Business Office
09/09 KIMBERLYN FITCH Community Care-Pocatello
09/09 CHRISTINA MARTINEZ Business Office
09/09 SUZIE SAMPLE Labor & Delivery
09/09 PAIGE SHELLEY Blackfoot Medical Imaging
09/09 JULIUS THOMPSON Business Office
09/09 VON WADSWORTH Physical Plant
09/10 BRENAN DRAKE Physical Plant
09/10 KAITLYN HOUX Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
09/10 JESSICA JONES Business Office
09/10 BRIANNA NORIEGA Preventative Services
09/11 ARI HERRON Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
09/11 MORGAN JENSEN Community Care-Rexburg
09/11 SHAELEN MARLOW Business Office
09/11 JENNIFER RAMIREZ Radiology
09/12 SANDRA DREWES Pain Specialists of ID
09/12 JUSTIN GIUFFRA Channing Redicare Clinic
09/12 MARISELA GOMEZ Blackfoot Pain Clinic
09/12 LORAN HILLMAN Physician Management Services
09/13 MONICA MITCHELL Business Office
09/13 TIFFANI MOON Radiology
09/13 BRITTANY RUSSELL Administration
09/14 KISTIN FIFE Surgery
09/14 SCOTT MANGUM PIC Chubbuck
09/14 ALANNA MORRIS Community Care-West Side
09/15 JARED BARTON PIC Pocatello
09/15 LISA KILLIAN Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
09/15 JOEL WHITING Community Care-Channing
09/15 KATELYN WILSON Pain Specialists of ID
09/16 KEITH CHRISTENSEN Business Office
09/16 PEYTON JOHNS Population Health
09/16 SEAN WHITAKER Teton Cancer Institute
09/17 KEONA DELL Community Care-Channing
09/17 TRISTINA MESERVY Business Office
09/17 CARRIE STEVENS Community Care-West Side
09/17 TROY WELLS Finance
09/18 GEORGE CHUDLEIGH Physical Therapy
09/18 MATHEW DUNGAN Surgery
09/19 ELIZABETH HANSEN Mountain View Infusion Service
09/19 KELSEY MANZON Population Health
09/19 BECKY PARKER Community Care-Rexburg
09/19 LABRETTA WOODLAND Blackfoot Pain Clinic
09/20 JADE ANDERSEN Community Care-Pocatello
09/20 TERA BYBEE Parkway ASC
09/20 DAMARIS FERNANDEZ Community Care-Channing
09/20 DIANE MADSEN Housekeeping
09/20 RYAN NUTTALL Purchasing
09/20 MONICA PALACIOS Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
09/20 BODEN PALMER Pain Specialists of ID
09/20 WHITNEY ZUNDEL Workmens Compensation
09/21 JONATHAN HORTON Wound Care
09/21 LORI KIDWELL Pharmacy
09/21 RAQUEL LOREDO PIC Chubbuck
09/21 SHAUNIE SCHOW Teton Cancer Institute
09/22 KRYSTA GLIDER Creekside Surgery Center
09/22 WHITTNEY MURPHY Primary Care Specialists
09/23 TYLA ADERS Finance
09/23 CRAIG FUNK MedSurg
09/23 CORTNEY JACOBSON Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
09/23 GAIL KURPINSKI Radiation Oncology
09/23 DUSTIN SAXTON Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
09/24 LANA CALIGIURI Speech Therapy
09/24 ANNIKA HERBST Surgery
09/24 KIM JACKSON Surgery
09/24 TIFFANY JONES Radiology
09/24 TARA POWELL Channing Redicare Clinic
09/25 SARAH CAUDLE MedSurg
09/25 HEATHER FUMICH Business Office
09/25 MARNI JONES Business Office
09/25 JASON LONG Lab
09/25 ELIZABETH MENDOZA Community Care-Channing
09/25 JOSIE PRITCHARD Quality Resources
09/25 JOSEY RACE Sleep Specialists
09/25 AMBER REDDICK Sleep Lab
09/25 KACEY SCHREIER Physician Management Services
09/25 CHRISTOPHER TRUBL Quality Resources
09/26 BRYCE ANDERSEN Channing Redicare Clinic
09/27 BECKY BOCHENEK Teton Cancer Institute
09/27 KATHRYN BRADLEY Pharmacy
09/27 HOLLAND FOX Surgery
09/27 TOBIE VINCENT Eastern ID Neurological
09/28 COLLEEN BARNEY Surgery
09/28 BARBARA WALKER Housekeeping
09/29 ANDREA BECK Business Office
09/29 CAROLINE BULLOCK Housekeeping
09/29 LORI DURBACK Primary Care Specialists
09/29 SHAUNA RICHARDSON Labor & Delivery
09/29 NATASHA SMITH PIC Pocatello
09/30 KAITLIN BURKE Premier Speech Therapy
09/30 CONNIE JOHNSON Surgery
09/30 BRIGHAM TAYLOR Pain Specialists of ID

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