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Quote of the Day

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

Melody Beattie


Al's Sporting Goods 2020 Corporate Night

The time is here!

Mountain View and Idaho Falls Community Hospital staff and their family members are invited to Al’s Sporting Goods’ annual Corporate Night Private Sale Event on Thursday November 12, 2020 2395 E 17th Street Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The private sale begins at 5 PM and ends at Midnight.

This is a special event and closed to the public. On this night only, Al’s will be offering us their CEO/Managers pricing for a few key partner corporations in our area. This deal is very good and is only offered once a year to anyone outside of Al’s Sporting Goods. The discounts are deep and go on For-ev-er. Employees will save anywhere from 25% to 40% in most departments and some exclusions may apply.

To make it easier for you to know the prices, a flyer will be handed out at the door with instructions. This should allow individuals to scan any of the products to see Al’s special pricing.

Here’s a little information about Al’s Sporting Goods for those who are new to the area or haven’t had the opportunity to shop at Al’s Sporting Goods:

Al's Sporting Goods has been doing business in Cache Valley (Logan Utah) for over 99 years, and we recently opened a third location near you on 17th Street in Idaho Falls. This facility is a 40,000 square foot, full line sporting goods store that carries gear for hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, snowboarding, athletics, team sports, footwear, cycling and water sports. We carry the biggest brands in the sports world and proudly consider ourselves to be Utah's best sporting goods store. Our Corporate Night sale event is held once a year to give neighboring businesses exclusive deals store wide, and it is always a smashing success. We would love to have you attend!

All you need is a copy of this flyer OR your employee badge at the main front entrance of the store, where you’ll be greeted by an Al's Sporting Goods team member. You can also take a picture of the flyer and present the picture at the main front entrance. Families can be represented by the employee.


2021 Open Enrollment closes Sunday, November 15th!

  • If you want to participate in Flexible Spending for 2021 you MUST re-elect and chose a contribution amount.
  • If you have no changes to your current benefits (besides flexible spending) you don’t need to do anything. Your benefits will automatically rollover for the 2021 Plan year.
  • Once open enrollment closes you won’t be able to make changes to your 2021 benefits without a qualifying event.
  • Open Enrolment can be completed through the benefit tab in Paycom.
  • If you have questions please email them to

Pink Out 2020

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in the pink out. We had a great time and got lots of awesome photos! Check out the video. 

We Need Volunteers!

If you'd like to sign up for the upcoming Blood Drive, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Velisha Howard. 


Phone: 208-569-7589

Hospital Week Coupon Extended - $25

For those employees who received a hospital week coupon during the month of May and have not yet redeemed your coupon, this message is for you.

The vendors have agreed to extend the expiration of the coupon until November 30th. (Sadly, we do not have any spare coupons to replace lost coupons.)

Say Thank You!

Huge shout out to the Education Department!!! They work tirelessly to create educational resources for both IFCH and MVH hospitals and all 60+ outpatient clinics. They have created a new employee onboarding process to assist and help streamline the experience. They currently track all certifications and trainings for over 2000 employees!  They teach all required classes and assign all annual learning assignments.  They are a fun department who is always up for new challenges.  One such challenge was all the changes and research that went into the recent COVID-19 pandemic. They perform mock drills in every department, keeping all staff up to date on the latest techniques. Often they are given short deadlines and are never afraid to team up and have all hands on deck to complete the task. They are the MVH Culture through and through and we are so lucky to have them.

Mountain View Hospital 2020

Poinsettias Volunteer Fundraiser

These poinsettias are grown locally at Town & Country Gardens and are of exceptional quality. There are over 20 exciting colors including salmon, pink, purple, speckled, and white and of course, all shades red!

Vouchers are purchased and then buyers redeem their vouchers between November 9th 2020 and December 7th, 2020.

Customers can select their poinsettias from a greenhouse full of hundreds of beautiful plants-customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Each voucher is $14.99.

Checks can be written to Mountain View Volunteer Auxiliary. These are also tax deductible, we are non-profit.

Your purchase enables us to award scholarships, through College of Eastern Idaho, to worthy individuals seeking education in the medical fields.

Contact: Information Desk at Mountain View Hospital

Medical Staff Week

Medical Staff week was November 2-6, so join us as we give a huge shoutout to our awesome medical office staff! Be sure to tell these ladies thank you when you see them!

Pictured (left to right): Mykele Kennington, Nicole Jacobsen, Tiffany Carlson, Lyndsay Piazza


HR and Payroll

Help us give a big shout out to these fabulous ladies from our HR and Payroll departments. 

Tammy Weber

I have worked for Mountain View Hospital since 2012. I was the Payroll Specialist for 7 ½ years. I have made the transition to Human Resources! I look forward to learning the pre-payroll side. When I am not at work, I am a proud mom of 3 daughters & 1 son, 2 grandkids, and wife to a very hard-working husband. We enjoy camping, riding 4-wheelers, fishing, mini vacations and I get to be the “lunch lady” for the ski & snowboarding squad.

Jeannie Allen

After 9 years of being with a wonderful  family at Melaleuca where I was an Administrative Assistant to the CIO for over 5 years and my last 3+ years as a payroll specialist, I am thrilled to be a part of Mountain Views Finance Dept. as the new Payroll Specialist for Mountain View Hospital. I came over in September and have enjoyed every minute of it.   Although it can be quite overwhelming in any new position, whether you have experience or not, the training has been phenomenal and everyone has been so kind. Please stop by and introduce yourself should you happen to be over at our Energy Drive building and especially if you work here.  I am excited to be a part of this team and would love to meet you.

A Message from Myrle

I have been trying to decide how to contact every one that was at the retirement party that was held for me, which I couldn’t attend, and every one else I would like to say hello to and have decided an email would probably work best. I am sincerely touched by all the kindness shown to me in the last few months during my absence from work and the years before. I have been a witness to the physical healing that comes from such tremendous surgical staff and doctors who work at Mountain View. Now I was able to be a witness to the kindness, prayers, and emotional support that is exhibited from such good people as all of you are. I am truly grateful and blessed by all of you. It has been such a joy to associate with you all there. Some times were stressful and some hard and some just plain fun but always an honor to be part of such a great team. I marvel that so many good people are assembled together in one place to serve the community. No wonder the hospital is so busy all the time. I have had people tell me how much they love Mountain View and it is easy to see why. I am amazed at all the behind the scene work that takes place so the things that show are perfect. Way to go, you do it day after day. Don’t think for a minute that something or someone is unimportant. Can’t praise all of you enough and again, thanks.


Commitment to Excellence

Thanks to everyone that submitted nominations for our Commitment to Excellence award! Say congratulations to the winners and check out all of our honorable mentions!

WINNER: Morgan Garriott

I would like to nominate Morgan Garriott (Employee Health) for his commitment to excellence. Morgan has worked endless hours with everything COVID related, and more. He demonstrates constant care and compassion, is extremely knowledgeable, and always finds a way of passing along reassurance and positivity. Thank you Morgan for all you do!



(1) I would like to nominate Kent Staley from the IT department for the Commitment to Excellence Award. He consistently goes above and beyond what a normal person would do. He never complains, always has a smile on his face and never forgets anything. Every time I have ever needed him from the IT department, my needs are met. I really appreciate the work he does and I think his attitude and work ethic make MVH a better place.

(2) I would like to recommend Kent Staley {IT} for the commitment to excellence award. Kent will start a job in radiology and will not stop until he has completed the job. I have received calls from him at 8:30 at night letting me know that the problem he has been working on all day has been resolved. When I ask him why he has stayed so late he states “you guys needed this fixed to do your job” or “we all here to care for the patient”. He recently saved us on two separate occasions by helping us set up the DICOM on C-arm and fixing our document scanner. If I have a problem and I call Kent, he responds immediately. He does not pass off his duties to someone else. He will follow up and see if the problem is solved and to our satisfaction. I have never heard him say “that is not my job or not my team’s job.” Kent always has a million departments he is trying to help, but when he shows up to help he makes you feel like a priority. I wish we could clone his work ethic and commitment to patient care and have him in each department. He is a perfect example of what us old timers call the Mountain View culture.

(3) I would like to submit my nomination for Kent Staley from IT! {He} is always on the run with Admin and does so much that doesn’t always get recognized. {He} has my vote on {his} hard work and dedication to the IT department and team!

I would like to nominate the Front Staff at Eastern Idaho Spine and Sports Center Leslie Carranza, Rebecca Ford, and Destiny Jones. They always have a smile on their face and really are the face of the clinic. With Covid19 and the stress of all the changes and high stress patients, they seem to also stay claim and do what is best for the patients and the clinic. I think I can speak for the providers at the clinic; they make a huge impact on our clinic and couldn’t ask for a better front staff.

I want to nominate Kelsi Talbot {Prev. Services} for this award. She has jumped into our department as a new employee and been such a HUGE help. I couldn’t do this job without her! She is very quick and professional. She takes on tasks on top of her own to get things done without being asked.

Sean Whitaker {Pharmacy - TCI} is a certified technician that is a student and helps mix chemo at TCI and is helping Prescription Center Home Care get the new Pain and Spine intrathecal system up and going. He has been covering for technicians who are out with Covid as well.  He comes up with ideas for processes and quality improvement projects even while at school off the clock but makes sure to text or email them to us as he has them so he doesn’t forget.  He is extremely dependable and a huge asset to us here at PCHC.  He doesn’t just come to work to get the work done, but with the mindset of how he can grow and expand our processes to better serve our patients, providers, and our business!

I would like to nominate Megan Brown {Wellness & Recovery} for the Commitment to Excellence Award. She is a Psychotherapist for Center for Wellness and recovery. Not only does she assist in acute crisis’ at IFCH, but she also sees patients at the clinic, working with other MVH clinics and the community is assisting in crisis & group crisis interventions. She is always there for her co-workers and does all this with a smile on her face. MVH is lucky to have such smart, caring and committed employee.

Katie Fenske {L&D} is an amazing nurse. She picks up extra {hours} all the time when our unit is drowning and works so hard. She also helped our unit so much through the change with Cerner and helped us to stay positive with the changes. She came up with folders for each of us with how to do things for Cerner and is continually helping to educate and better our staff. She goes above and beyond her job all the time.

Jenny Wall {L&D} is an amazing nurse. She works so hard at everything she does and is constantly training new employees. It’s not an easy job, but she is such a great trainer and is very patient and kind. She is always eager to learn and grow as a nurse and has such great skills. We are lucky to have her on our unit.

I would like to nominate Shane Hayes from Wound Care for the Commitment to Excellence Award. He is already a hard worker here in the clinic but in the last couple of weeks, when we had 3 nurses out with Covid-19 for 10 days and the clinic still needed to see patients. He stepped up into the charge nurse roll and ran the clinic! All the other Wound Care staff was equally amazing at keeping the clinic going, but I feel Shane was the leader helping to keep the clinic running smoothly. Besides coming to work for 8 hours, he also had to be on call for both MVH and IFCH. I'm sure there were nights that he did not leave until 7:00. Wound Care was extremely busy the days that we were short staffed and nurses had to see multiple patients at a time. They were all exhausted at the end of the day. Shane is always willing to step up and make things happen. I would really appreciate it if he could be recognized for his efforts this last couple of weeks. I wish you could recognize all of the staff at Wound Care during this difficult time of being so short staffed and also having to do inventory as well. I am so proud of all of the Wound Care team and the efforts that were made to try to keep the clinic running as smoothly as we could under difficult circumstances. We really have a great team here at Wound Care.

I nominate Rita Burke {Peri-Op} for this award. I was recently hired on at Mountain View, and Rita helped train me. She shows compassion and delivers excellent care to each patient. She goes above and beyond, by scheduling appointments personally for them and always being an amazing advocate. This never wavers even when she is at the end of a shift and tired. Her training was amazing; she never cut corners and was extremely friendly in answering my questions. Her ability to float in-between PACU and Pre-op is unparalleled, and in each area she consistently manages to take more patients than anyone else. I could not think of a single person more worthy of recognition then Rita. In the short time I have worked with her, she has already been a guiding influence and personal inspiration to me for my own future practice as nurse. I would really appreciate it if she is considered for this award.

I would like to nominate Tara Johnson {Comm. Care – Westside}. She helps out the nursing staff so much and goes above and beyond her call of duty.

I just wanted to nominate Jennifer Williams / provider network specialists {Population Health} for the excellence award. She is such an amazing woman, when she comes to the office, she is always kind, and asking if there is anything she can do to help us out. I enjoy seeing her when she comes to the office.

(1) I would like to nominate Rita Mucci {Housekeeping} for the Commitment to Excellence Award on behalf of the staff at Creekside. Rita very rarely takes time off she is always happy when she comes in. She is always looking for a way to make the facility look better. She brings in floral arrangements to put out in the areas to make it feel like home, she even changes these depending on the season. She is the first one to decorate for holidays. This is all on her expense or things she brings from home. She goes above and beyond her job description to help everyone’s jobs easier for the day. She is always willing to jump in and assist the nurses in cleaning rooms or beds to help with turn over. She also is very caring toward our patients and families.

(2) We at Creekside would like to nominate our amazing housekeeper, Rita Mucci {Housekeeping} (aka our mom away from home) for the Excellence award. She goes above and beyond to keep our facility spotless and always does a little extra to make our lives easier. She brings holiday decorations from home to spruce up our surroundings, she has been seen walking patients family to the waiting room, getting them beverages, etc. (which is not in her job description). Our OR’s are always set up for the next day with all equipment ready to go. She picks our clothes up and puts our shoes away, washes our dishes and always makes sure our toilet paper rolls are full!! Rita is part of our family and we appreciate her so much, she is definitely missed when she is gone.

I would like to nominate my boss, Kari Oldham, for the Commitment to Excellence Award. She is the microbiology supervisor for the lab at MVH, and while she is micro specific, she constantly goes above and beyond to help out the entire lab. She does this on a daily basis, without being asked, and is not looking for credit. She is incredibly kind and smart, and does anything and everything she can to help anyone in need. I have not yet met another employee/person more deserving of this award.

(1) I would like to nominate my supervisor, Jessie Labra, for her commitment to excellence in the hospital. Since she took the position last year, we have switched operating systems, opened the new hospital, and tripled the staff in the admissions. She has handled each of those challenges with grace and humor and really cares about our department and the standards of Mountain View Hospital. Especially with the constant changes and updates with COVID, she has worked hard to help all of admissions be prepared.

(2) I’d love to nominate Jessie Labra for the Commitment to Excellence Award because of her spectacular leadership and kindness.

I would like to nominate KC Glorfield in Population Health. She is an amazing manager over our team.

I would like to submit my nomination to Kent Staley and Travis Vance from IT! They are always on the run with Admin and do so much that doesn’t always get recognized. They have my vote on their hard work and dedication to the IT department and team!

I would like to nominate Sarah O’Brien, MV Lab Manager. She goes above and beyond every day. She is a fantastic boss who is always willing to jump in and help where needed. She covers day, night and weekend shifts to keep the lab working smoothly. She always treats everyone with kindness and respect. She works hard to make sure everyone in the lab feels appreciated. She has a positive “can do” attitude that helps makes the lab a great place to work.

(1) I would like to nominate Sarah Hansen the nurse manager of our office. The last 2 weeks she has worked 7-10 days in a row, 12 hour shifts, to keep our clinic open and running since one of our nurses ended up sick in the hospital, and one of our other nurses is sick with COVID. Even during her busy time she was checking in on our other sick nurses and updating the rest of the clinic on how they were doing and recovering. Even during her long stretch of working she remained positive and courteous to patients (even to some patients that, in my opinion didn't deserve it). She often keeps moral up at the office and has been a great asset to our clinic.

(2) I would like to nominate Sarah Hansen from Community Care-Westside for the excellence award. She always goes above and beyond for everyone here. She worked 9 days in a row to cover for nurses that were out with COVID. She always puts us first even when she is dealing with a lot of things personally. She is an amazing example to me of what a leader is. She is in the trenches everyday with all of us running COVID swabs. I can't think of anyone else that fits this award more perfectly then Sarah.

I would like to nominate Dr. Christian Shull. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic he has remained operating at full if not above full patient load. He continues to see his patients and take care of them regardless of his own needs. This includes his own case of COVID 19. While he was out sick he Telehealthed from home and made sure his patients remained top priority receiving the care that they deserved. He is great personality and keeps things light even when they get heavy in our clinic. He is a good person and a great doctor.

11/01 TERRI CURTIS Pain Specialists of ID
11/01 BRENNA JAMISON Human Resources
11/01 AMANDA JUDY Pain Specialists of ID
11/01 KAMILLA SPENCER Channing Redicare Clinic
11/01 KENT STALEY Information Systems
11/02 SHERRY BOGGS Administration
11/02 KIMBERLY BYBEE Sleep Specialists
11/02 TIAWNA PARRY Pain Specialists of ID
11/03 RANDELL DRAKE Physical Plant
11/03 GRANT GOHR Physical Plant
11/03 DARIC RUSSELL Pain Specialists of ID
11/03 KAYLA TAPPER Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
11/04 KARA GILMER Peri-Op
11/04 JENNIFER GRAHAM Community Care-Rigby
11/04 MARK HOLBROOK Quality Resources
11/04 TARA JOHNSON Community Care-West Side
11/04 MAKAYLA SEYMORE Business Office
11/04 LINDA STALNAKER Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
11/05 ANDREA BRAINARD Primary Care Specialists
11/05 MEGAN CAROLAN Surgery
11/05 ROBYN LUTES Business Office
11/05 JARED MANWARING Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
11/05 COURTNEY MARSHALL Administration
11/06 JOLENE BLACKER Premier Speech Therapy
11/06 JORY DRAKE Surgery
11/06 KENDALL ROGERS Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
11/07 TAMI DELGADO Housekeeping
11/07 GREG MOORE Surgery
11/07 KELLEE ROBINETTE Quality Resources
11/08 RYAN WILLIAMS Pain Specialists of ID
11/09 TERI FRY Peri-Op
11/09 ASHLEY KERBS Administration
11/09 AMANDA MOORE Point of Care
11/09 DAVID WINCHESTER Channing Redicare Clinic
11/10 JULIE MALLOY MedSurg
11/10 SHAKIRA NASH Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
11/10 JENNIFER THURBER Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
11/11 AARON ALTENBURG Altenburg Joint Replacement Po
11/12 NICOLE CHAVEZ Business Office
11/12 AMANDA HUFF Housekeeping
11/12 MICHAEL SCHRADER Teton Cancer Institute
11/13 KATHERINE BRUNDY BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/13 MARY HANSON Physician Management Services
11/13 TIFFANY MCMURTREY Housekeeping
11/13 KYLEE NELSON Community Care-West Side
11/13 PRUDENCE RIVERA Housekeeping
11/13 JANET ROBINSON Pain Clinic
11/13 BRIAN ZIEL Marketing
11/14 KATHRYN FENSKE Labor & Delivery
11/15 NATASHA CONRAD Health Information Management
11/15 CAROL LIVERMONT Physical Plant
11/15 CHRISTINA NORMAN Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
11/15 ASHLEIGH VARGA Pulmonary Services
11/15 BOBBI WARREN Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
11/16 FREDERICKA BIRD Teton Cancer Institute
11/16 DEREK CAMPBELL Community Care-West Side
11/16 HEIDI JESSOP Surgery
11/16 KERRY LEWIS Labor & Delivery
11/16 MEGAN MCCOMB Peri-Op
11/16 HEATHER PINCOCK Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
11/16 ALLEIGH THURBER Labor & Delivery
11/16 CARMEN WHITMAN Eastern Idaho Foot Clinic
11/17 MILLIE ADAMS Blackfoot Pain Clinic
11/17 JACOB COOLEY Prescription Center Infusions
11/17 ERIK HILLYARD Business Office
11/17 MARY MATHEWS Physician Management Services
11/17 WHITTNEY MILLER Community Care-Rigby
11/18 WILLIAM HALE Surgery
11/18 SHERI LONG Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
11/19 JASON AIKELE Information Systems
11/19 WENDY BATEMAN Quality Resources
11/19 RICHARD BLACK Pharmacy
11/19 BRIANNA HATCH Pain Specialists of ID
11/19 BRIAN JOHNSON Physical Plant
11/19 JOLENE PINNOCK Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
11/19 SARAH RICH Business Office
11/20 ALEXIS CARBAJAL Business Office
11/20 KRISTY ENGLIS Point of Care
11/20 PAULA NOEL Teton Cancer Institute
11/20 STEPHANIE PIERCE BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/20 CAMMY POTTER Teton Cancer Institute
11/20 JESSE WAGEMAN Pharmacy
11/20 KARMA YOUNGSTROM Channing Redicare Clinic
11/21 KELSEY ELLIS Grand Teton
11/21 DESTINY JONES Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
11/21 TODD PAGE Physical Plant
11/22 KATHRYN BAIRD Business Office
11/22 BAILEY BATES Community Care-Pocatello
11/22 ERIC COFFEL Quality Resources
11/22 DIONNE PICKETT Preventative Services
11/22 KILEY WILLIAMS BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/23 KADE SMITH Housekeeping
11/24 SARA CORAY PIC Chubbuck
11/24 DEBRA FUELLING Radiation Oncology
11/24 JESSE JONES-BLAIR Information Systems
11/25 AMY LARSEN Administration
11/25 MICHELLE SVOBODA Speech Therapy
11/26 TINA CASE Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
11/26 STEPHANIE IANUZI Creekside Surgery Center
11/26 HOLLY KNIEVEL Primary Care Specialists
11/27 JAMIE BROWN Purchasing
11/27 ZACHARY BUCK Channing Redicare Clinic
11/27 CAROL LENGYEL Housekeeping
11/28 SUZY NELSEN Peri-Op
11/28 TERRI NEUERBURG Quality Resources
11/29 TREVOR DAW Peri-Op
11/29 SCOTT HANNERS Physical Plant
11/29 CARRIE WALKER Brad Erickson
11/29 BRYCE WYLIE Community Care-Rigby
11/30 JANAE ALBERTSON Pain Specialists of ID
11/30 ASHLIE HENRIE Surgery
11/30 ERICA KLEIN Peri-Op

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