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Quote of the Day

"Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly."

John F. Kennedy
  • Sam Wright PA-C
  • Roberta Bostian AGACNP-C
  • Tim Schuijt FNP-C
  • Stephanie Orr FNP-C
  • Monique Catron FNP-C
  • Coming soon!

If you’ve been to the Cornerstone Café recently you’ve probably noticed that our baking
team has been showing off their talents and skills and delighting us all with a variety of
tasty treats.  Come see what Melissa, Lis and Merelou has baked up for us… new items
added daily… and for those looking for gluten-free options, that No Sugar Added
Cheesecake has a nut-based crust!

Upcoming Changes in Cafe' Pricing

We are approaching the two year anniversary of the COVID-19 invasion on our community and facility.
We have maintained our pre-COVID prices, thinking that the wild price increases and difficult product
availability would return to normal at some point—but two years in, we are still finding it difficult to
locate product, and as you’ve noticed in the grocery stores, prices have not come back down, and in fact,
continue to rise.  Many of the items on our current café menu are being sold at prices that do not even
cover the cost of purchasing the food (that’s right, we’ve actually been paying you to come eat our food),
so unfortunately we will be needing to increase prices.  The newer items that have been recently introduced
such as the Burger of the Day  and our breakfast specials are appropriately priced and will not be changing,
but please be aware that during the month of March you will see changes in the prices of some old favorite
items that we’ve been selling at two years’ ago prices.

NICU Nitric Oxide

Thanks to Jake Maughan and Jeff Goldman the NICU is up and running with Nitric Oxide!!!!

Employee Blood Drive

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022
1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the IFCH boardroom

Maintenance to the Rescue

I would like to nominate Stetson Saxon, Riley Hammon, and Clint Young from Maintenance for helping Medical Records with a time sensitive project. They took time out of their busy schedule to help medical records every Tuesday and some Thursdays, all day, to move 6000 boxes full of Medical Records from all departments to various locations. We had to move them from the storage unit over by the airport to American way, Community Care, Hospitals, and outside clinic. While they helped they were efficient, kind, and did zero complaining about lifting, loading, unloading and going up and down multiple stairs. They could have just helped us with taking the boxes where they needed to go, but they helped with every aspect of the project.  Medical Records couldn’t have completed this project without their help.

I would like to nominate Nate Esplin for the commitment to excellence Q4.  This past fall, Nate got a call from Shane Wilker who runs the Shannon Wilker Foundation.  He had a patient that was needing some extra help at her home, but Shane was unable to go see the patient because he was out of town.  Nate went after hours on a weekend to go check on this patient, took her a minky blanket and tried to help determine how Shane’s foundation could best help the patient.  Nate is always looking for ways to connect and help our patients.  He certainly is an excellent employee and co-worker.

I would like to nominate Kari Oldham, the laboratory Microbiology Lead. She has been amazing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she takes fantastic care of her patients thorough her work. She promotes teamwork and is always willing to jump in and help in all other areas of the lab. Our department would be lost without her!

I would like to nominate the day shift house keeper Anita Yanez for the Ace award. In our emergency room we are swamped on a 24/7 basis. We have numerous Covid positive, flu and RSV patients. After EVERY one of these patients are discharged a terminal clean is required which involves washing the walls, the equipment, bed, floor, monitors etc.  It is exhausting and hard work. Anita does these terminal cleanings multiple times in all the rooms her entire shift. Anita is cheerful EVERY time. She is quick to answer our pages, drops anything she is doing and comes running to help--and still had her regular required things to do. She has an adorable sense of humor and takes our merciless teasing. She goes above and beyond every shift she works. She jumps in to help us strip and clean rooms between regular patients. I just can't brag about her enough. She is loved by all of us and she is humble and does not like attention or compliments--that is why we tease her -to show her we love her. I have never seen a harder worker!!

I would highly recommend recognizing someone who is always behind the scenes but is such a vital asset to our organization.  Brittany Russell is constantly helping her staff and working on creating a better environment for all of those at MVH and IFCH. As a supervisor she truly takes pride in her people and her work and that shows. She puts in countless hours around the clock to provide feedback and direction to ensure that we are able to provide top of the line healthcare. Brittany is over 20 plus departments all of which know and respect her. She is knowledgeable in all avenues of her job and is a true leader in this organization. She has been with MVH for over 10 plus years and before that was with Community Care. She is loyal, kind, and honest. All traits of who a genuinely true and caring leader has. 

I would like to nominate my supervisor Kristi Garcia. She has passion and dedication to this hospital that she constantly shows. She did an internship for school with our Social Worker that she participated in before work, then would clock in for a full shift, and then clock out to go to school some days putting in 14+ hours. She helped organize a coat drive, is a volunteer with the hospital volunteer program, and she helped me develop a certified translator program. She is the first person to get involved and eagerly participates in anything the hospital is doing, and she has done all of this while battling cancer. Not only is she there for my staff to answer questions and help them with work, she takes an active role in their personal lives helping when she can. She has found babysitters for staff so they can come to work, she has housed staff that had nowhere else to go, and she supports them in their struggles. She is constant in everything she does and deserve recognition for her diligence.

Commitment to Excellence Nominations

Radiation Safety Restructure

Hello from the office of Radiation Safety. You may have noticed that the Radiation Safety courses for Mountain View Hospital have been restructured for 2022. Previously we reserved this education for the staff of the departments that worked directly with radiation, however, during our last regulatory inspection the question was posed, “Would a general staff member of a non-radiation department be able to recognize a package in a hallway with a radiation sticker on it?”

Because Mountain View Hospital performs a variety of radiation patient procedures and possesses several categories of radioactive materials that are delivered through courier services (FedEx/UPS), the Radiation Safety Officer put together this safety education program in order to create a basic understanding for the general hospital staff in all departments.

The first course is a general radiation safety course that covers a broad sweep of concepts from a brief description of “What is radiation?” to “Which patient procedures will make the patient radioactive?” The second course is very short and includes a couple of mandatory pieces of information that could not be added to the first, such as “Who is the Mountain View Hospital Radiation Safety Officer?”

There will be no need to pull out a calculator in order to calculate radioactive decay times or dose delivered, but there will be several topics covered that may be very new to some: the difference between an “external” radiation source and when the patient is the radiation source, the difference between unsealed “liquid” sources and sealed “encapsulated” sources, the importance of time/distance/shielding in reducing your overall radiation exposure, and the hospital’s stipulated goal of keeping staff members exposures “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.”

I hope that you find the courses informative, and above all I hope they help to promote a culture of radiation safety for our staff and our patients.

David Theel, Radiation Safety Officer

03/01 DENISE PALMA-TORRES Blackfoot Medical Imaging
03/01 KAYLEY JOHANSON Pharmacy
03/01 MEGAN RENCHER Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
03/01 TERI SMITH PIC Pocatello
03/01 JAYLENE BARTH CC Rigby Lab & Imaging
03/02 CARLOS RUBIO VACA Pharmacy
03/02 JORDAN TRIVELY Pharmacy
03/02 NATHAN MIYASAKI Physical Plant
03/02 MARIELA ALVAREZ Business Office
03/02 CHLOE JUIEL Business Office
03/03 PAUL POMEROY Pharmacy
03/03 JADONNA DORSEY Pharmacy
03/03 JOHN HOLMES Pharmacy
03/03 TREANA JONES Labor & Delivery
03/03 JARED YOUNG Physical Plant
03/04 GLENDA AESCHBACHER Radiation Oncology
03/04 SAGE STIMPSON Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
03/04 JORDAN CHRISTENSEN Labor & Delivery
03/04 BRINLIE YANCEY Labor & Delivery
03/05 CATHERINE STEWART Teton Cancer Institute
03/05 JANELL PORTER Radiology
03/05 CHERRIE RAMJOUE Blackfoot Medical Laboratory
03/05 ALYSSA ORR Pain Specialists of ID
03/05 KENEDI LORDS Pain Specialists of ID
03/05 COURTNEY STEED Health Information Management
03/05 TYRONNE WHITMAN Information Systems
03/05 MICHAEL KUNKEL Finance
03/06 ROSA RUIZ Prescription Center Retail
03/06 JILL M. HUFFMAN Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
03/06 CAROL FOX Peri-Op
03/06 REGINA DEVISSER Business Office
03/06 ARIANNE FERGUSON Information Systems
03/06 KATIE JUDY Physician Management Services
03/06 KELSEY HARDING Physician Management Services
03/07 MEGAN ABEGGLEN Wound Care
03/07 ROD CLEVERLEY Hyperbarics
03/07 NED HILLYARD Quality Resources
03/07 COLTON BELNAP Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
03/07 KATHY WAGGONER Blackfoot Pain Clinic
03/07 SHAD CRAPO Community Care-Rigby
03/08 MISTY WELKER Teton Cancer Institute
03/08 GORDON DIXON Wound Care
03/09 MARSHA LEE Speech Therapy
03/09 KYREE BRANSON Business Office
03/10 ANGELA BUNK Quality Resources
03/10 CHARLES CROSTHWAIT Information Systems
03/11 ANGELA JONES Physical Therapy
03/11 BONNIE SEYFERT Eastern Idaho Foot Clinic
03/11 TRENT E SHAW Community Care-Rexburg
03/11 ALISA KUHARSKE Business Office
03/11 CARLOS VILLEGAS Business Office
03/12 KATRINA LARSON Teton Cancer Institute
03/12 SHERIDAN BREEN Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
03/12 KENADIE LODER PIC Pocatello
03/12 DEREK MOORE Physical Plant
03/12 CASSIE SMOUSE Administration
03/13 KIRA LARA Lab
03/13 CAMILLE DURRANT Grand Teton
03/14 JOSHUA SMITH Finance
03/15 CHRISTINE STEVENS Teton Cancer Institute
03/15 AMY WAETJE Prescription Center Infusions
03/15 JAMIE BACA BMC/Johanson Surgery
03/15 TREENA MCMURTREY Creekside Surgery Center
03/15 CODY JARDINE Business Office
03/15 MARIAH EILANDER Business Office
03/15 SOREN BODILY Physician Management Services
03/16 ADAM SIMMONS Pharmacy
03/16 HUGO RUBIO Pharmacy
03/16 HALEY VINING Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
03/16 DEBRA MAYS Physician Management Services
03/17 ALISHA FIGUEROA Blackfoot Medical Laboratory
03/17 MCKINZIE A. HUNTSMAN Pain Specialists of ID
03/17 SHERA BREWINGTON Pain Specialists of ID
03/17 DENNIS WASHINGTON Housekeeping
03/18 ANGELA TANNER Teton Cancer Institute
03/18 MELISSA KELLY Prescription Center Infusions
03/18 MELISSA CAMPBELL Quality Resources
03/18 RONNEL STACEY Channing Redicare Clinic
03/18 MINDY J. LEWIS Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
03/18 AMY BREWER Community Care-Rexburg
03/18 BAILEY WILLS Community Care-West Side
03/18 ALYSSA PASSEY Business Office
03/19 LORI LEE BYINGTON Premier Speech Therapy
03/19 KARLEY FORSGREN Labor & Delivery
03/19 KAILI ORCHARD Business Office
03/19 ALLI SPENCER Business Office
03/20 MARSELLE MITCHELL Pulmonary Function Test
03/20 TYLER DOWNEY Pharmacy
03/20 SEVANA SPOKLIE Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
03/20 JESSICA AGUINAGA Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
03/20 JILL HARRISON Labor & Delivery
03/20 SHARLENE BITTER Labor & Delivery
03/20 ELISA GRATIOT Physician Management Services
03/21 DARCY ANDERSON BMC/Johanson Surgery
03/21 BECKY COOK Pocatello ENT
03/21 DANNY DAVIS Information Systems
03/21 KELBEE MARSH Finance
03/22 KELLY ERICKSON Prescription Center Infusions
03/22 PATRICIA A. THOMAS Pain Specialists of ID
03/22 NICOLE STORK PIC Chubbuck
03/22 WESLEY FIFE Surgery
03/22 LOGAN FURNISS Physical Plant
03/22 JESSIE LABRA Business Office
03/23 MARISELA NAVARRO Teton Cancer Institute
03/23 KIMBERLY BREWINGTON Pain Specialists of ID
03/23 KORTNI STEWART Surgery
03/23 GABRIELA TENIENTE Housekeeping
03/23 REABECCA CLITSO Health Information Management
03/23 MATTHEW TODD Administration
03/23 ASHLYN JORDIN Administration
03/24 SARA BARRAS Radiology
03/25 JAMIE CONYERS Surgery
03/25 ANITA JOHNSON Business Office
03/26 JASMINE STOCKWELL Quality Resources
03/26 REBECCA RICE Point of Care
03/26 HOWARD WILLIS Community Care-Channing
03/26 JANAE CARTNEY Labor & Delivery
03/27 LINDSEY JOSLIN Radiation Oncology
03/27 SAMANTHA WELLS PIC Pocatello
03/27 SAM WRIGHT Community Care-West Side
03/27 LINDSEY SOUCIE Surgery
03/28 ERVIN HANSEN Quality Resources
03/28 SHELBY HOLLOBAUGH Labor & Delivery
03/28 SHAUNA TAM Surgery
03/28 KRYSTYN WALLACE Grand Teton
03/29 NIC BROOKS Radiology
03/29 JULIE WEST Prescription Center Infusions
03/29 JULIE LILYA Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
03/29 CAMILLE MURDOCK Community Care-Rexburg
03/29 JOSEPH DRAK Peri-Op
03/29 JERRI WOODHOUSE Administration
03/30 KRISTEN KARRAKER Eastern ID Neurological
03/30 JANET KOPLIN Pharmacy
03/30 BRANDEE MATHIS Community Care-Rexburg
03/30 MELISSA DURTSCHI Labor & Delivery
03/30 PAMELA SILZLY Creekside Surgery Center
03/30 KRISTY MILTON Eagle Rock ASC
03/30 LINDSEY CARTER Business Office
03/31 TROY HANSON IF Clinic
03/31 KEITH YAMABE Pharmacy
03/31 STEPHNE SMALL Mountain View Infusion Service
03/31 CHRISTINA NERIO OSAI Pain Specialists of ID
03/31 CASEY JOHNSON Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach

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