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"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Work Anniversaries!

5, 10, 15 Years

MVH LOGAN BLACK Administration 07/31/2017 5
MVH KEITH CHRISTENSEN Mountain View Infusion Service 07/25/2017 5
MVH MICKEY DUPONT Labor & Delivery 07/20/2017 5
MVH SUSAN EVANS Pain Specialists of ID 08/29/2017 5
MVH EVAN GRAYSON Radiology 08/28/2017 5
IFCH JAMIE HANSEN-BARRUS Nutritional Services 08/28/2017 5
MVH AMANDA HOBBS Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct 09/11/2017 5
MVH BRANDY JOHNSON Eastern ID Neurological 09/05/2017 5
MVH ALEXANDRA LONGFELLOW Teton Cancer Institute 09/29/2017 5
MVH STEPHANIE MERRILL Physician Management Services 08/31/2017 5
MVH DANIEL POWERS PIC Pocatello 08/16/2017 5
MVH SHERI SCHAAT Urology Associates of Idaho Fa 09/11/2017 5
MVH ANGELA TANNER Teton Cancer Institute 07/11/2017 5
MVH KENDALL TAYLOR Quality Resources 09/12/2017 5
MVH STACEY VAN KAMPEN Creekside Surgery Center 07/11/2017 5
MVH BENJAMIN WELKER Lab 09/12/2017 5
MVH KILEY WILLIAMS BMC/Johanson Surgery 08/29/2017 5

MVH AMY ANDRUS Peri-Op 08/07/2012 10
MVH CRAIG FUNK MedSurg 08/20/2012 10
MVH LUANN HANSEN Radiology 08/24/2012 10
MVH MIRIAM JIMENEZ Business Office 09/24/2012 10
MVH YVONNE MAOSI Business Office 07/26/2012 10

MVH DAVID BARNHILL Peri-Op 09/01/2007 15
MVH ANNIKA HERBST Surgery 08/31/2007 15

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Commitment to Excellence

Quarter 3, 2022

Letter from a patient:

Lady or Gentleman:

I write to commend with high praise one of your employees in the Radiology-MRI Department. I was a patient at your hospital on August 5 and 15 for three fully sedated MRIs. I am extremely claustrophobic, and the anticipated MRls caused me great, great anxiety. The scheduled August 5 MRls were aborted after I was sedated. The August 15 MRls were successfully completed after sedation.

The professional care and attention I received from Alaina Lloyd was extraordinary, highly professional and well beyond what anyone could have reasonably expected under my circumstances. She got me through the process. Please communicate to Alaina my great appreciate for her professionalism and great skill. With appreciation.

When this patient came in on August 5th, due to what I believe was his anxiety around the MRI, he treated my staff very poorly. Unfortunately, after we sedated the patient our monitor went down and we had to abort the procedure for his safety. Everyone knew we’d have to reschedule the patient and my staff was hesitant to work with him again knowing their experience from the first visit. Alaina stepped up and volunteered to be his nurse and as you can tell by the patient’s letter, she did a wonderful job! I had to be out of town the day he came in but I knew she would treat him with nothing but respect and professionalism so I felt confident her ability to ensure his time here went well.

I want to tell you about a friend of mine in the Pharmacy. His name is Eddy Garcia. When he first started working with us at MVH he was a man of few words. But after just a few months, he began to show a warmer side and started to grunt when spoken to. It wasn’t long after that we found out the Ed was a Cookie Monster. This made training so much easier. Now you must keep in mind that he transferred over from Wally World so he was quite a handful to say the least. But there was something about Ed that seemed to grow on you and you always felt relaxed and able to discuss just about anything life threw at you, he is such a great listener.

The skills that he brought with him let him quickly grow into one of the tech supports along with Tyrell. Together they kept the place
maintained. I watched as he developed the skills of compounding, learning and training of what it took to be compliant in 797/800 compounding. He became one of the best. Ed was the first to become ACT in our pharmacy among the techs. Taking it upon himself to self-test so he too could help the pharmacist check the medications before they left the pharmacy.

Eddy was one of the first techs to accomplish the I-Lead program for pharmacy technicians through ISHP. With all that
he has accomplished throughout the years it’s not hard to recognize him as a vital part of our team. He is Self-motivated, self-confident, honest, humble, funny, and so much more I admire in a great coworker. My only regret is I don’t see him as much as I used too because he is too busy helping everybody else. That is whyI feel like my friend deserves this award. He always has someone’s back!

Sawyer started in our pharmacy inexperienced but quickly showed a thirst to learn and grow, going from a staff member we all expected to quickly move on to being a committed technician who knew every aspect of her job and even helped to make changes to the clinics, Stock & Mixing shifts that improved efficiency. She strives to be friendly with everyone she interacts with especially with playful banter that makes everyone smile, I am constantly asked where she is if people see me out on stock runs instead of her. Sawyer is also one that will pick up extra shifts whenever we have need.

Ever since Lexi started she has strove to be on time every day and has excelled at learning the required shifts and pushed to learn the positions in the other areas of hospital pharmacy. Every time I have had people call in sick she has been willing to jump right in and cover the shift even taking doubles & weekends without hesitation. She often picks up tasks from other co-workers if she sees them struggling to get everything completed on a busy day. She always has a smile on her face even on the days she is struggling and seems to just brighten everything around her. Lexi is also always willing to suggest things that can help the group and leads those suggestions by example always seeming to flow with any change made to the job.

11/01 TAWNYA LEFLER Pharmacy
11/01 TERRI CURTIS Pain Specialists of ID
11/01 KENT STALEY Information Systems
11/01 BRENNA JAMISON Human Resources
11/02 ASHLEY PEATROSS Teton Cancer Institute
11/02 BRITTNEY PITTMAN Channing Redicare Clinic
11/02 AMANDA MARTIN Labor & Delivery
11/02 SHERRY BOGGS Administration
11/03 ISABEL ESPINOZA LEE Pain Specialists of ID
11/03 MISTY MARTIN Labor & Delivery
11/03 RANDELL DRAKE Physical Plant
11/03 GRANT GOHR Physical Plant
11/04 MARK HOLBROOK Quality Resources
11/04 LINDA STALNAKER Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
11/04 JENNIFER GRAHAM Community Care-Rigby
11/04 TARA JOHNSON Community Care-West Side
11/04 JANET PAPP Workmens Compensation
11/05 ANDREA BRAINARD BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/05 SHARAYA MCDANIEL Endoscopy
11/05 KANDI KIDDER Eagle Rock ASC
11/05 ROBYN LUTES Business Office
11/05 COURTNEY MARSHALL Administration
11/06 JOLENE BLACKER Premier Speech Therapy
11/06 JORY DRAKE Surgery
11/06 HEIDI DAINES Business Office
11/07 KELLEE ROBINETTE Quality Resources
11/07 STACY SUMMERS Community Care-West Side
11/07 GREG MOORE Surgery
11/08 KAYLEE BUSICK Community Care-West Side
11/08 ADRIANNA FOSTER Labor & Delivery
11/09 MIKAILA TANNER Blackfoot Medical Imaging
11/09 AMANDA MOORE Point of Care
11/09 DAVID WINCHESTER Channing Redicare Clinic
11/09 TERI FRY Peri-Op
11/09 SHANNON BUNTING Grand Teton
11/09 NICHOLE WHATCOTT Business Office
11/09 CHRISTOPHER EVANS Information Systems
11/10 AMANDA COLEMAN Sleep Specialists
11/10 GAGE TRUBL Pharmacy
11/10 BRYON GOMEZ Prescription Center Infusions
11/10 SEAN JENKS Lab
11/10 KAMRI DAYTON Blackfoot Medical Laboratory
11/10 GAVIN GRIMMETT Channing Redicare Clinic
11/10 SHAKIRA NASH Labor & Delivery
11/11 MORGAN MCKENNA Pain Specialists of ID
11/12 MICHAEL LEE SCHRADER Teton Cancer Institute
11/12 COURTNEY MARTINEZ Quality Resources
11/12 MIKAELLA BACA Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
11/12 STEVEN CURTIS Altenburg Joint Replacement Id
11/13 DON GARNER Physical Therapy
11/13 JANET ROBINSON BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/13 KATHERINE BRUNDY BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/13 KYLEE WALLACE BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/13 TIFFANY MCMURTREY Housekeeping
11/13 MARY HANSON Physician Management Services
11/13 ROBERT ZIEL Marketing
11/14 MARIA VALERIO Mountain View Infusion Service
11/14 ANGELA WOOD Dickinson Neurological Surgery
11/14 AMBERLYN GUNN Rexburg Pediatrics
11/14 ETHAN BONNE Information Systems
11/15 MICHELLE LARSEN Pharmacy
11/15 CHRISTINA NORMAN Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
11/15 JOSHUA GILKEY Surgery
11/15 CAROL LIVERMONT Physical Plant
11/15 DIANE SINCLAIR Finance
11/16 ASHLEY HANSEN Blackfoot Pain Clinic
11/16 HEATHER ANDRUS Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
11/16 CARMEN WHITMAN Eastern Idaho Foot Clinic
11/16 MEGAN MCCOMB Peri-Op
11/16 ALLEIGH THURBER Labor & Delivery
11/16 HEIDI JESSOP Surgery
11/16 KERRY LEWIS Grand Teton
11/17 JACOB COOLEY Prescription Center Infusions
11/17 MARY MATHEWS Physician Management Services
11/18 KOHL BRINTON Prescription Center Retail
11/18 SHERI LONG Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
11/18 JENNY KUNZ Community Care-Rexburg
11/18 WILLIAM HALE Surgery
11/18 LUCERO MARTINEZ Business Office
11/19 KYLEE THUESON Radiology
11/19 RICHARD BLACK Pharmacy
11/19 WENDY BATEMAN Quality Resources
11/19 JOLENE PINNOCK Pain Specialists of ID
11/19 BRIANNA HATCH Pain Specialists of ID
11/19 ELIZABETH CHESNUT Rocky Mountain Spine and Sport
11/19 BRIAN JOHNSON Physical Plant
11/19 SARAH RICH Business Office
11/19 JASON AIKELE Information Systems
11/20 PAULA NOEL Teton Cancer Institute
11/20 CAMMY POTTER Teton Cancer Institute
11/20 JESSE WAGEMAN Pharmacy
11/20 HEIDI RICE Lab
11/20 KRISTY LYN ENGLIS Point of Care
11/20 MICHELLE BOLES Grand Teton Gastroenterology
11/20 KARMA YOUNGSTROM Community Care-West Side
11/21 GALIA HILL Prescription Center Infusions
11/21 SANDRA VANBROCKLIN Community Care-Rexburg
11/21 KELSEY ELLIS Grand Teton
11/21 HIDE SMITH Information Systems
11/22 KILEY WILLIAMS BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/22 MARYAH CAMP Housekeeping
11/22 KATHRYN BAIRD Business Office
11/22 EMILY BOREN Population Health
11/23 CRISTINA GARCIA Teton Cancer Institute
11/23 SARAH BUFFINGTON Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
11/23 ANGELA MCLEAN BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/23 SARAH SILCOCK Altenburg Joint Replacement Id
11/24 DEBRA DEE FUELLING Radiation Oncology
11/24 JEFF CLEMENT Quality Resources
11/24 SHELBY CONNER Pain Specialists of ID
11/24 JESSE JONES-BLAIR Information Systems
11/25 BROOKE EDWARDS Blackfoot Pain Clinic
11/25 AMY LARSEN Administration
11/26 STEPHEN HOLLOWAY Purchasing
11/26 TYSON HUSKINSON Pharmacy
11/26 AUDREY LING Physical Therapy
11/26 DANIELLE NUKAYA Quality Resources
11/26 JULIA JOHNSTON Rocky Mountain Spine and Sport
11/26 STEPHANIE IANUZI Creekside Surgery Center
11/26 BROOKE BALL Creekside Surgery Center
11/26 BAILEY HANSEN Business Office
11/27 JAMIE BROWN Purchasing
11/27 ALISON THOMPSON Community Care-Channing
11/27 JANICE HILL Business Office
11/28 TERRI NEUERBURG Quality Resources
11/28 SUZY NELSEN Peri-Op
11/29 BRYCE WYLIE Community Care-Rigby
11/29 SCOTT HANNERS Physical Plant
11/29 CARRIE WALKER Population Health
11/30 MICHAEL TONKS Purchasing
11/30 JANAE ALBERTSON Pain Specialists of ID
11/30 ALYSHA JACKMAN BMC/Johanson Surgery
11/30 ERICA KLEIN Community Care-Pocatello
11/30 ASHLIE HENRIE Surgery

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