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Important Visitor Update



DECEMBER 10TH 2020  Was a huge success, 

The  finals results. We had 22 donors registered, no donors were deferred, and we collected 24 units.  Those 24 units will go towards saving up to 72 lives!    

Thank you for your life saving impact.  Your support proves to be an invaluable resource to the patients whose lives depend on it. 

Behind all of the numbers, there are real people, real families and real hope! So Thank you for coming out and  supporting as well as volunteering! 


Poinsettia Fundraiser

Volunteers are selling poinsettias for scholarships. 

Our Poinsettia Fundraiser went well, in fact we only have 8 left to sell out of 200, Great Job! 

Thank you to all the volunteers that made calls, reached out to friends and a special thanks to Jen Smith as she worked tirelessly to help move them, water them and sell them over the past few week, Nice work Jen! 


Christmas is one week away! 

10 Christmas Poems of Old and New - Beautiful Words for the Holiday by  Brannon Deibert


What are your family traditions for the holidays?

Printable Family Christmas Traditions & Bucket List – Nifty Mom


My family does about half of these, but would love to start more,

remember to hold your loved ones tight and make memories! 


Happy Holidays Team!

Feet in wool socks near fireplace in Christmas time


Holiday Decorating

We had a great turn out to our decorating team, thank you all for coming and making the hospital looks so beautiful! (Next we will be looking for a team to take them down haha.)

Below are a few fun Pics we took when decorating and after decorating of some of our volunteers this past month or so, thank you all for coming even when times are tough. You truly do help the hospital run in amazing great ways! 

Dave, Myrna, Annette, Heather, Jim 




Neveah, and Izzy


Famous Christmas Poem for Kids - Short Christmas Poems


Huge Thank you to our Crocheting and knitting team

We have provided 200 Hats to the Labor and delivery 

Lola O'Steen

Elissa Haywarde

Krista McInelly

Kami Weaver

These have been so cute and fun! Thank you very much!!!!!



SPOTLIGHT Volunteers! 

Diane an amazing volunteer with over 804 hours.

Keeton a fantastic young man with 100 hours.

If you have any friends or family that  wants to join our volunteer team please contact Velisha Howard,

we would love to have you apply at

Also if you have any questions or need to contact me for any reason please call

Velisha Howard

Volunteer coordinator with IFC and MV Hospitals