Mountain View Physical Therapy

Phone: 208-557-2800 | Fax: 208-557-2801

Mountain View Hospital’s Physical Therapy programs are designed to offer patients the best service available. Some of our therapist's specialties include pain alleviation, strength restoration and rehabilitation, which all lead to achieving optimal functionality.

Our highly-trained, licensed team provides personal attention to each patient, and each patient receives a custom treatment plan to meet their recovery needs. Our physicians and trainers main goals include: reducing the pain a patient feels, improving an injured area’s range of motion, increasing a patient’s strength and endurance and helping a patient quickly return to daily functions.

In addition to receiving the best care available in the area, we are also proud to offer the best physical therapy facilities in Eastern Idaho. We are the only facility that features a large exercise pool, which enables our patients to complete low-impact strength and conditioning exercises.  Our facility also features an indoor track and access to Mountain View Hospital’s Health and Fitness Academy.

Same day appointments might be available to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

Contact our Physical Therapy department for more information at 208-557-2800