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In this newsletter, we'll share company-wide news, including upcoming events, birthdays, spotlights, department news, and more. This newsletter is designed to be informative and collaborative. Do you have a fun story, positive patient feedback, or a funny work picture? Use the form on this page to submit!

Quote of the Day

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.

Eckhart Tolle

Family Practice/Urgent Care Recruitment Event

** For the month of December only**

We are looking for RN/LPN/CMA talent to join our team!

For the month of December 2020 we will be doubling the referral bonus for any RN/LPN/CMA person that is referred to us and hired. Same policy will apply so please review the payment request form attached.

Below are the clinics that will qualify for the recruitment bonus:

  • Blackfoot Medical Center
  • Rigby Community Care
  • Rexburg Community Care
  • Redicare (Idaho Falls)

Payment Request Form

Don't forget to use flexible spending dollars!

As we approach the end of the year, please remember that the deadline for incurring health and dependent care Flexible Spending account expenses is December 31st, 2020.

All claims for those expenses must be submitted to E-Benefits no later than March 31st, 2021. As of March 31st, 2021, up to $550 of any remaining Medical Flex funds will automatically be carried over into your 2021 Medical Flex account.

Please contact E-Benefits with any questions:

Phone: 208-391-2567
Fax: 888-876-1058
Mail: PO Box 190466, Boise, ID 83719

Update Your Address in Paycom

It's that time of year again! Please make sure your addresses are up to date in Paycom so we can get your tax documents updated and mailed to the right address (if you've opted for paper copies). 

Deadline: December 23, 2020

We Need Volunteers!

If you'd like to sign up for the upcoming Blood Drive, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Velisha Howard. 


Phone: 208-569-7589

Mountain View Hospital 2020

Poinsettias Volunteer Fundraiser

These poinsettias are grown locally at Town & Country Gardens and are of exceptional quality. There are over 20 exciting colors including salmon, pink, purple, speckled, and white and of course, all shades red!

Vouchers are purchased and then buyers redeem their vouchers between November 9th 2020 and December 7th, 2020.

Customers can select their poinsettias from a greenhouse full of hundreds of beautiful plants-customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Each voucher is $14.99.

Checks can be written to Mountain View Volunteer Auxiliary. These are also tax deductible, we are non-profit.

Your purchase enables us to award scholarships, through College of Eastern Idaho, to worthy individuals seeking education in the medical fields.

Contact: Information Desk at Mountain View Hospital

12/01 BRANDY JOHNSON Eastern ID Neurological
12/01 RICHARD MARROTT Pharmacy
12/01 KEVIN WARD Physical Therapy
12/01 TERI ELIASSON Surgery
12/01 JARED BUTT Surgery
12/01 CAROL WATSON Housekeeping
12/02 KIM MAXWELL Pocatello ENT
12/02 KENDALL HANSON Labor & Delivery
12/03 BRADLEY PEARSON Physical Therapy
12/03 LORI CAMMACK Pain Specialists of ID
12/03 RUTH MARTIN Community Care-Rexburg
12/03 FALYSHA GHOLSON-COMBE Business Office
12/04 LISA MISSELDINE Quality Resources
12/04 SUZETTE MCBRIDE BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/05 MARIE FAGER Machen Family Medicine
12/05 MICHELLE CLEGG PIC Pocatello
12/05 ELISE JONES Community Care-West Side
12/05 DANAYE EATON Grand Teton
12/06 GAYNELL HARRIS Speech Therapy
12/06 AMBER WRAY Quality Resources
12/06 TAYA ROBBINS BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/06 BIANCA PELAYO BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/06 SHANNON ASHER Community Care-West Side
12/06 SHAMAE DELAHOUSSAYE Business Office
12/07 TAYLOR HADERLIE Point of Care
12/08 AMANDA RICHAN Hyperbarics
12/08 MAMIE WALLOWINGBULL BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/08 DIANA SWALLOW Pocatello ENT
12/08 BRYCE JONES MedSurg
12/08 JESSICA BALDERRAMA Housekeeping
12/09 ALAN AVONDET IF Clinic
12/09 HOLLY WOOD Teton Cancer Institute
12/09 NINA EDDINGTON Blackfoot Medical Laboratory
12/09 ABBEY SESSIONS Eastern ID Spine Center (Vlach
12/09 RAQUEL CARRILLO Community Care-Pocatello
12/09 ALEXANDRA PACK Creekside Surgery Center
12/09 JODY BAKER Finance
12/10 ERICA ALLDREDGE Preventative Services
12/10 AMANDA THOMPSON Sleep Specialists
12/10 LANETTE COOPER Pain Specialists of ID-Pocatel
12/10 SYDNEY FIELDING Labor & Delivery
12/11 LYNN SANFORD Physical Therapy
12/11 JOLYN WALL Speech Therapy
12/11 BRITTANY COYNE Pain Specialists of ID
12/11 MAKAYLA MATHEWS Brad Erickson
12/11 MEGAN HICKS Peri-Op
12/11 DEANNE JORDE Surgery
12/11 RYAN GEORGE MedSurg
12/11 MANDI LEE SVANCARA Health Information Management
12/11 MARK SAXTON Human Resources
12/12 AMY DETIEGE Teton Cancer Institute
12/12 MARIA ARVAYO Prescription Center Retail
12/12 PAUL BECKETT BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/12 AMY SYKES Community Care-Rigby
12/13 JILL HURLEY Teton Cancer Institute
12/13 CHELSIE GARCIA Surgery
12/14 MADISON TESKE Community Care-Rigby
12/14 KYLEE SIMS Endoscopy
12/14 KYLEE DEMITROPOULOS Creekside Surgery Center
12/14 CONCEPCION LINARES Housekeeping
12/14 SUSAN JONES Business Office
12/14 ASHLYN FELDHAUSEN Administration
12/15 KIM DAVIS Preventative Services
12/15 SUSAN MANDELLA Premier Speech Therapy
12/15 CHRISTINA PEPCORN Community Care-Rigby
12/15 BENJAMIN LEISHMAN Community Care-Channing
12/15 KAMIKO SEAY Administration
12/16 MADISON MCCOY Preventative Services
12/16 CRYSTAL SIEPERT Pain Specialists of ID
12/16 JOHN FOSTER Surgery
12/16 ERICKA HELLBERG Business Office
12/16 JENNIFER WILLIAMS Population Health
12/17 JOY CHAN Blackfoot Medical Laboratory
12/17 KIMBERLY MCMATH BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/17 DEREK HOOPES Peri-Op
12/17 SAMANTHA DANIEL Business Office
12/17 JESSICA SHAW Physician Management Services
12/18 KIMBERLY MICHEL Teton Cancer Institute
12/18 ERIC JOSEPH MALCOM Radiation Oncology
12/18 VALERI REECE Sleep Lab
12/18 MATTHEW SOMMER Pain Specialists of ID
12/18 BRITTANY FRANCIS Primary Care Specialists
12/18 LINDSAY SEARLE Labor & Delivery
12/18 KAREN FINCH Business Office
12/19 JAMES MALAN Radiology
12/19 ALESHA CLARK Pain Specialists of ID
12/19 SHAYNA KOHLER Blackfoot Pain Clinic
12/19 CLINT YOUNG Physical Plant
12/20 TORRIE LEWIS Sleep Specialists
12/20 SHAWN SPEIRS Snake River Hospitalists
12/20 NOE GUEVARA Channing Redicare Clinic
12/20 HOLLY BOND Urology Associates of Idaho Fa
12/20 BRITTANY MERRITT Community Care-Rigby
12/20 AMY HENDRIKS Labor & Delivery
12/20 ASHLEE NASH Labor & Delivery
12/21 ASHLIE PARKER Pain Specialists of ID
12/21 BRANDON TALAMANTEZ Community Care-Channing
12/21 JANET SHIPPEN Creekside Surgery Center
12/21 MICHELLE WAYNE Physician Management Services
12/22 ANDREW PARKS BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/22 MARY RUSSELL Peri-Op
12/22 WHITNEY ANDERSON Labor & Delivery
12/22 MARIA BARRIE Surgery
12/22 KENDALL HARRIS Physical Plant
12/22 AMY RIPPEL Housekeeping
12/23 KRISTI LOU RICHEY Teton Cancer Institute
12/23 HILARY ZITLAU Channing Redicare Clinic
12/23 ALONZO GONZALEZ Business Office
12/23 JESSICA HILL Health Information Management
12/23 NATALIE HULSE Finance
12/24 RANDY RADFORD Radiology
12/24 BRENDY WHITWORTH Labor & Delivery
12/24 DEBRA GOULD Housekeeping
12/24 JUSTIN DANIEL Information Systems
12/24 AUSTON ORGILL Administration
12/25 MARY HASHAGEN Quality Resources
12/25 NICOLE PORTER Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
12/25 LAURA REISNER Labor & Delivery
12/25 KASANDRA FURNESS Creekside Surgery Center
12/26 JENNIFER VARGA Sleep Lab
12/26 ANDREA REES Quality Resources
12/27 JACKSON LOOMIS Quality Resources
12/27 MARY VANCE Housekeeping
12/28 MELISSA ANDERSON Preventative Services
12/28 CLAUDIA DIXON Teton Cancer Institute
12/28 TODD JOHNSON Physical Therapy
12/28 REBECCA MORGAN BMC/Johanson Surgery
12/28 BRANDYN SIMMONS Altenburg Joint Replacement Id
12/28 MARGARET ELIZAB MORRIS Human Resources
12/28 TYLER BEDDES Administration
12/29 TELIETHA A. HAMMON Pain Specialists of ID-Proc Ct
12/29 JOSHUA COX Housekeeping
12/29 MARLEE HARRIS Housekeeping
12/29 MARIA ACKLEY Business Office
12/30 KENEDEE JUDY Physical Therapy
12/30 RICK GOLDMAN Wellness and Recovery
12/30 HEIDI DIAMOND Pain Specialists of ID
12/30 SCOTT SCHAFFER Community Care-Pocatello
12/31 JUSTIN FITCH Radiology
12/31 KAREN PASSEY-STEELE Channing Redicare Clinic
12/31 KRISTI GRIGG Machen Family Medicine
12/31 KRISTI GRIGG Community Care-Rigby

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