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Greet visitors as they enter the building, give directions and, when possible, take them to their destination after they have registered with admissions. They also help load and unload patients from front entrance, getting wheelchairs when needed.

Provide information to visitors, such as patient room numbers, directions around hospital, etc. Deliver gifts to rooms, Answer phones.

Load the cart with juices, soda, cookies, crackers, etc. Offer refreshments, books and magazines to patients in the occupied rooms and/or to visitors waiting in the Surgical Waiting Areas. Communicate with nursing staff if the patients has requests you cannot help with.

Sit at the Surgical Waiting Desk with an employee and check-in paperwork for the patient, gather information on family members and are a liaison between the nurses/doctor and patient’s family. Must be 16 years old.

Assist patients after their treatment, giving them a snack and a drink, then helping them out to their vehicle. Must be 16.

Volunteers at TCI work to make the patients’ experience better by offering snacks and beverages, reading material and conversation. They have been known to form lasting friendships with patients and are a great comfort throughout patients’ cancer treatment.