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Important Visitor Update


Birth is an exciting experience. The employees at Mountain View Hospital and the attending physicians are here to assist throughout the process. By closely monitoring your progressing labor, Mountain View’s thoroughly trained, experienced, and certified staff can assess both mother and infant for any signs that the labor is becoming dangerous. If any unanticipated problems do occur, our staff will take care of you and your baby. Our Women’s Center is equipped with a level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), dedicated operating suite, and highly trained and experienced employees. Your physician along with our nurses will accommodate your birthing plan while ensuring the safety of both yourself and your baby. Each birthing room has a jetted tub in which you can relax. Birthing balls and squatting bars are available to facilitate the delivery position you may prefer. If you desire an epidural, which numbs the lower half of your body, we have anesthesia staff in the facility at all times to ensure your safety and comfort.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Most babies are born without complications, but occasionally an infant is born who does require assistance after birth. For those babies that may need assistance after birth, we have a level II NICU to help them recover.

Learn more about the NICU at Mountain View Hospital. 


Labor and Delivery Dedicated Operating Rooms

We have operating rooms dedicated to the Women’s Center for any complications that may occur during delivery. If a Cesarean section delivery is required, we will have a room prepared for you.


Your Comfort

One of our primary goals is to make you comfortable before, during, and after the birth of your child. Check out our other amenities to see why Mountain View Hospital should be your hospital.